10 things that couples do to have a good amorous life

Good amorous life is not something guaranteed when you enter a couple, but it requires effort and desire from both partners.

Couples can build an extraordinary relationship both in and out of the bedroom, through simple things such as love, caring, emotional safety, or even simple open talks about how they like to love or not, explains sexologist Gabriela Marin.

In the opinion of the couple’s relationship specialist, people tend to find the most complicated answers to a simple question like “What should I do to thank my partner?” And most of the time I choose the more intricate way. “In reality, the answer is much simpler than we could imagine, and dedication is the shortest road to happiness in the couple. I have noticed that many partners are trying to impress their partner by resorting to all sorts of outside things when all that the other person wants is attention and quality time spent together, “explains the sexologist Gabriela Marin.

10 things that couples have a good amorous life

After more than 15 years of experience, with thousands of people in the cabinet, Gabriela Marin, the relationship specialist, believes that there are at least 10 common things that couples have a good sex life:

  • They love each other and often say this
  • They make erotic life a priority and do not treat this aspect of their life as the last of a very long list of issues
  • They know what’s causing the erotic side to the other
  • It resolves its conflicts without being annoyed, easily forgiving the other
  • They are passionately kissed for no reason and are physically close, even in public
  • They make romantic surprise gifts and often embrace
  • They are good friends and have fun together
  • They speak openly about their sex life, what they like, how they like it and what they want
  • They set up romantic weekly meetings and go together for romantic holidays
  • Make any conscious transformation (This transformation involves frequent focusing attention on the other, through love and affection, for better physical and emotional connection)

6 things that couples with a disastrous sex life do

“On the other hand, as a logical consequence, couples who work less on their relationship spend less time together. Very stressed couples who worry at all times are more likely to fail in their couple’s life, and all of this has repercussions primarily on sexual life. And if sexual life is not fulfilled, it is possible that many other elements from which their life is composed may collapse one after another, such as the effect of a domino, “explains psychologist Gabriela Marin.

In the opinion of the specialist, there are at least 6 common things that couples who have unbalanced sex lives and are unhappy with a couple life:

  • They spend very little time together in a normal week
  • They seem to make any priority, less of their relationship
  • They focuses greatly on career, business (he) or children (she)
  • They disconnect from one another and lead parallel lives
  • Most of them talk about the lists of things they have to deal with
  • They have no will and desire to focus on the partner/partner.

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