10 things that will convince anyone that God exists

10 things that will convince anyone that God exists

It is said that if you are an atheist, you already have a belief, so you can no longer be determined to believe in God. But that does not mean that priests cannot find the best reasons to prove that God exists. Can you contradict them?

Father Eugen Tănăsescu from the Archdiocese of Tomis is known for the way he carries the word of the Church in the media. He himself a blogger and manager of the Radio Dobrogea station, the priest responded to the invitation of the team "Adevărul" to find ten reasons that justify the existence of the Lord.

1. "The absolute already exists in me"

The first argument is the so-called contingency. Father Tănăsescu says that he "starts from observing the relationship between limits and infinity. In my mind there is the idea of ​​an absolute, infinite being, superior to any other being. These are practically the attributes of divinity. If my mind can suppose these, it means that God can exist, for nothing prevents Him from existing, being absolute. It is true that the argument does not prove the existence of divinity, but it invites the research of a hypothesis, as in science. Therefore, to clarify myself, it remains only to seek God. "

2. Everything has a beginning

The argument of causation seems to be just as valid in the eyes of those who doubt it. He starts from the cause-effect relationship, believes the Constanta priest.

"Even science implies a Big Bang, as a beginning of the world. This first cause of all, including the Big Bang, is the deity, the only one who is able to do something "out of nothing," including life. Moreover, divinity is not caused by anything, It exists by itself. "

3. All creation speaks quietly of Him

Father Eugen Tănăsescu believes that if we look at the Universe and the connections between the different things that compose it, we will notice that there is a certain rationality and a beauty that can be read between the lines.

"The very fact that everything can be put into certain equations, laws, theorems, etc. it has made honest scientists recognize the order and rationality of the world. Again, even mathematicians claim that God can be mathematically proven, because He himself is absolute Reason. On the other hand, the beauty of the world shows that reason aims at high harmony ”, says the priest.

On the other hand, he recognizes that not all things in the world are beautiful and that the world itself is imperfect, but man is meant to improve it. He blames these imperfections as a cause of cataclysms. "Imperfections cannot destroy what is beautiful. A landscape that captivates the eye shows that the world is made to help us, not to destroy us, ”says Eugen Tănăsescu.

4. Religiosity exists in every person and every culture

The term religiousness is understood by the priest of Constanţa as a tendency of man to take away values, to obey them and to follow them.

"Faith in values ​​exists in every human being. The problem is only when defining these values. Therefore, over time, her divinity and values ​​were understood differently, but that did not abolish the divinity. Even atheism believes that God does not exist, and Darwinian evolutionism assumes that religiosity is a cultural acquisition of man. Or even that means two things that confirm the divinity: that man has acquired religion from somewhere (hence, if not from the discovery that God exists) and that once acquired religion, as part of evolution, he can no longer get rid of it, because it would mean revolution, "notes the priest Tanasescu.

5. "Because I am His face"

The characteristics of man are found in God, believes Eugen Tănăsescu.
"These are: reason, feeling, will, power to control over things, morality. This means that man is an icon of divinity, which has embodied these characteristics in him. It remains for man, through education, to complete this "image", these characteristics, in order to reach "likeness" with God. "

6. "He helped me when I cried to Him"

If until now arguments of the mind have been presented, the priest also goes to the arguments of the heart. From his point of view, God is not something abstract, hard to reach. He is a living and personal presence (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), with which man can interact.

"Often, I myself had the certainty of that" unseen hand "that puts things in a certain order. And the more I pray, the better it looks. For me, I think many of those who claim that God does not exist, have not seen Him yet, because they have not called or sought Him.

On the contrary, some even feel confused by the existence of a higher authority, as in the anarchist society they deny any rule or authority. But doubt or opposition are not the best solutions for discovering God, "confesses Father Eugen Tănăsescu.

7. He is the Truth

The reporting to the Truth is, from the point of view of the Constanta priest, of two types: you recognize it or you choose it. Hence the phrase "no one holds the absolute truth". It is not an affirmation of relativity, says the father, but comes to prove the existence of truth itself.

"Or, if things are so, it means that I am the relative, my position towards the Truth. It would be wise not to live in opposition to the Truth.

But I identify the Truth not with a principle, system or philosophy of life. These are just effects, emanations of the Truth. The truth must necessarily be a person, capable of transmitting these effects to me, so that I can own them. Therefore, for me, Truth is God, more fully identified in the person of Christ. But do not rush to challenge Him. First, get to know Him. It will take you some time … ”, says Eugen Tănăsescu.

8. Being love, it has planted the moral in us

Can an atheist understand that God lets him choose him? The Constanta priest says that this is what he really likes about him:
"It does not force me to believe in Him. A God who convinces with strength is not a God who loves you. . . he's a dictator. Or, God promises me that Truth sets me free, even by myself. If God looks like a dictator, something is wrong, either with me or with Him. Rather to me, because I am more likely to misunderstand Love. "

9. Where is God when misfortunes happen?

The Constitutional priest acknowledges that the arguments presented so far seem to be in the field of personal speculation, but he believes that God is not identifiable.

"He showed himself to the world. This demonstrates his love for man, because he did not allow us to stray in search, but came to meet us. And the fact that some have been disturbed and sought to unjustly do away with it only reinforces my belief that He has appeared to us, becoming man. It is what characterizes Christianity: God makes man, like me, to make me alive and eternal, like Him.

But for those who ask where God is when misfortunes happen, my answer is simple: where I put him on the Cross. Many misfortunes happen when we turn away from God, not because He is the avenger, but because we risk so much when we are opposed to the Good ”, explained Eugen Tănăsescu.

10. The guarantee that we will not return to nothing

The last argument in favor of God's existence is about what those who believe in Him earn. Father Tănăsescu believes that people have to gain perfection and eternity.

"Even if we are sometimes confused about understanding and relating to Him, His existence defines our path in life. Without God, everything remains locked in a "tight and cold" circle. Blaise Pascal has a lot of quotes about God. One feels the need to contradict him. He said that if I believe that God exists and yet does not exist, I have lost nothing. I think it's wrong. For even Pascal said that God, being perfect, cannot deceive us.

So, if God does not exist, we have lost everything, including hope and perfection. Therefore, without God, man becomes nothing, which comes from nothing and goes nowhere. But let us hope that He exists. It is the guarantee of our non-separation in the nothingness that we came from ”, concluded the priest Eugen Tănăsescu.

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