4 things to do if your little boy refuses food

Is your little one pretentious? Denial of food is a mess that many mothers face.

If you are a mom, you know that this new “function” comes with a lot of challenges. Surely, often being a mother can be harder than working for 10 hours in a corporation, but luckily is more enjoyable. However, sometimes it is exasperating to try to make the little one eat. He does not want peace! But do not despair, just try to diversify the methods.

It would be best if you prepare him early to eat and be firm when the time comes to eat.

Airplane method

Surely, you know the plane method, when the loaded spoon fly to his mouth and he has to open it and eat it. It’s not a mistake to make a game if it’s working. As long as you eat, you can use this method.

Surprise from the plate

A plate marked with his favorite design that can only be discovered if he eats the plate? It could be a reason to take a few spoons of food, even until the drawing begins to see. And, who knows, maybe you will discover the pleasant taste and will continue to eat the tasteful food you have prepared so dearly while admiring how the drawing from the plate is outlined.

Favorite food

Of course, you need to give the child a varied meal to meet his growing needs. But if you are lucky enough to have your favorite food full of vitamins and various foods (for example, chicken with vegetables or just a variety of vegetables), do not be afraid if he does not want to eat anything for a few days.

Surely there will be better days, where you can also introduce other dishes you will taste with pleasure.

She wants to eat sweets, but it hurts her hunger

You can choose sweets made in the home, which also have a high nutritional value. It does not have to be just empty calories, like most sweets in the trade. So, you can opt for cheese and honey pancakes, where you can add a piece of crushed banana. So, give your baby a healthier, sweet, vitamin and calcium supplement.

You already know that mums must be creative when it comes to raising and educating children, and when it comes to eating and feeding, things are no different. We want maximum creativity.

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