5 reasons why you become a delicacy for mosquitoes

5 reasons why you become a delicacy for mosquitoes

5 reasons why you become a delicacy for mosquitoes

Monsters have their preferences, we need to know that. The summer season is also the most upsetting in this respect. Mowers will always know how to choose their victims.

We all have to take protective measures against them, but these are the most targeted people. Caution and additional protection.

An article published in businessinsider.com tells us how to decide mosquito preferences. They feel, for the beginning, cumbersome breathing. Overweight and pregnant women expire more carbon dioxide. The mosquito females feel and attack. People with extra pounds are the first target.

If you sweat abundantly, know that mosquitoes love the lactic acid of your sweat!

Another study has found that you are more appetizing for mosquitoes if you drink beer.

Another very interesting factor is the preference of mosquitoes related to the blood group.

People with group 0 will be the first to attract mosquitoes faster. And pregnant women attract mosquitoes as a magnet. There are twice as many chances for a woman to be mosquitoed when she wears a baby in her womb. Try to stay as far from these aggressive insects.

We have a variety of anti-mosquito products, but a better option is natural remedies and ingredients. What are the best natural mosquito solutions for mosquitoes:

  • lavender
  • Eucalyptus oil with lemon
  • Candles with citronella oil
  • rosemary
  • neem oil

To keep the mosquitoes away you can sprinkle some bows, for example, with a drop of lavender oil, and hang them on the open windows. Lavender oil can also be applied to the skin, which will prevent insects from barking.

Monsters hate citronella as much as they hate the smell of eucalyptus. So we can use these tricks to protect us from the mosquito's assault.

If you know sensitively, try to wear long-sleeved linen clothes. Let's not forget that mosquitoes can also be disease-bearing, the more we have to keep away.

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