7 strategies that thyroid patients can follow to lose weight

7 strategies that thyroid patients can follow to lose weight

7 important strategies for the harmonization of the figure in the case of people with thyroid disorders. First of all, regardless of diagnosis, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, both conditions can lead to the accumulation of pounds. The stress, fatigue or depression that comes from the onset of the disease makes us eat more and exercise less often.

Before TSH hormone levels increase, as with hypothyroidism, the patient may have symptoms such as – water retention, bloating, weight gain. Here are what strategies patients with thyroid disease can take to lose weight

Physical exercises

For many patients who are suffering from thyroid disease, the calorie-restricted diet or the diets that rely solely on the consumption of certain foods to lose weight simply does not work.

While it is recommended that 30 minutes of daily exercise be performed daily, patients who want to maintain weight or lose weight should exercise 60 minutes daily.

Hyperthyroidism is not equal to sudden weakness

Hyperthyroidism is characterized by an accelerated burning of metabolism, but for some patients this does not mean much to weaken more easily. On the contrary, the constant hunger urges them to eat more and more often. Hypothyroidism can turn into hyperthyroidism due to overdose. It is best to keep the dose indicated by the doctor.

Medications can cause weight gain

If after taking the prescribed thyroid hormone regimen you gain weight, it is best to talk to your doctor to adjust your hormone dose again.

Iodine therapy

Iodine therapy can make you fat. over 85% of patients on iodine therapy for thyroid stabilization become fat

The type of training helps you

If you have time to do just one type of workout, it is best to do weight training that will strengthen your muscles.

The water

You need to consume a lot of water to make your metabolism start to burn calories. For patients with hypothyroidism, their metabolism is low, so they should consume 2L per day if not more.

It is best in such situations to avoid juices of any kind and to consume only water

7. Fiber

A high fiber intake means that you will eat 3 meals a day regularly and burn calories. The fibers are satiated and I am hungry.

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