7 valuable tips for coping with fatigue and exhaustion, directly from the psychologist

7 valuable tips for coping with fatigue and exhaustion, directly from the psychologist

Fatigue and exhaustion are two affections of the modern man, even of the modern child, so it is essential to know how we can cope with them. It is not simple at all and requires conscious effort on our part.

Why do we talk about fatigue on the head and how can we improve it?

Fatigue is a defense mechanism that protects us from overload. During sleep, our body regenerates and regains the energy it needs.

The tiredness can be caused by a deficiency of sleep, either quantitative or qualitative: so either we sleep too little or the quality of sleep is so low that sleep is not sufficiently resting. When the body is repeatedly deprived of sleep, chronic fatigue develops.

There is no need to end up with chronic fatigue to pay attention to your daily fatigue level. The fatigue we feel in the body wants to tell us something … it can say "I need a break" or "don't get enough sleep" or "you don't feed me well". If we choose not to give early importance to the signals we receive, then we should not be surprised when we are diagnosed with chronic fatigue or burnout.

When we get tired we feel:

✔ Physical fatigue

✔ Cold sensation

✔ Spontaneous need to cry

✔ Inattention

✔ Looking forward

✔ Irritability

✔ Conflicting behavior

✔ Inability to concentrate

✔ Headaches

✔ Short-term earthquake sensations

7 recommendations for coping with fatigue

When you are in the office and you are working, but it is hard for you to concentrate, it is enough to look at a green object for more than a minute. This color stimulates the brain and reduces the mistakes we could make due to fatigue, not ignorance.

When we feel tired it is good not to make important decisions. There are studies that show that when we are tired we are not making the right decisions because we are tempted to make the easiest or most convenient decision, which is not the best decision in general.

Even if it seems hard to believe, long and frequent breaks are the key to great success when you are going through a difficult period of fatigue. It is important that you do not fill your agenda with deadlines or task schedules because, at that time, your brain receives information that it has a lot of work and no longer has the desired output.

In the morning when you are tired and the clock is ringing, it is advisable not to postpone it for 5 minutes and then for another 5 and so on. In fact, the brain does not rest even if it sleeps, but the fatigue will be more pronounced as we move.

To avoid fatigue, both psychiatrists and psychologists and psychotherapists recommend: 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of relaxation.

Even though it seems ideal for some and unattainable for others, this rule of 8 in the 24 hours a day is all we need to work at full capacity without knowing the stress,

fatigue and other negative conditions that can affect our health.

There are evenings where we cannot sleep because of fatigue. Before resorting to pills to "solve" this problem I recommend that you use a few tricks.

Do not eat 3 hours before bed, use a warm bath with foam to relax, avoid thoughts about work or stressed out discussions, listen to relaxing music and avoid the TV.

If a morning starts badly and we feel tired before getting out of bed, the best way to give the restart a day is to exercise for 30 minutes.

This activity will put our blood in motion and with this, we will change our state, we will improve our memory capacity, but also our creativity.

Fatigue can make its presence felt when we are anemic, when we have hypothyroidism or depression.

Even an unbalanced diet or excessive consumption of coffee or sour juices can contribute in the long term to the feeling of fatigue.

When fatigue becomes chronic, it is important to consult a doctor to prescribe a set of tests and then a treatment that must be followed precisely.


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