A last-minute public call to a doctor known to Mihai Constantinescu

Terrible news about Mihai Constantinescu! The singer stopped respiratory cardio

"Finish with the insane news about the disconnection of Mihai Constantinescu from the apparatus, great artist and dear friend! These things have not been linked to reality! "This is the call published by Facebook by Prof. Dr. Monica Pop.

"In addition to the fact that Simona, dear, sensitive, and loving wife would never have agreed, the law does not allow this in any way. Neither disconnection nor euthanasia. These are equated with murder! ", Continued the famous physician.

"Doctors are meant to give life and health, not to knowingly do it! How to convict a doctor a patient to death safe ?! Let's not forget that if there is a small chance, everything must be done to capitalize on it! I've seen countless success stories! And to failure!

But why not hope for and always discourage with evil and catastrophic news ?! Those who publish such a thing have no soul nor God! Neither dear dear ones who might be in a difficult medical situation ?! Would you like to write it the same way? ", Prof Dr Monica Pop has posted on Facebook asking for stopping speculation about Mihai Constantinescu's health.

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