A Romanian therapist states, "There is only one disease: the broken blood". How to cleanse your bloodstream of toxins

A Romanian therapist states, "There is only one disease: the broken blood". How to cleanse your bloodstream of toxins

Valeriu Popa, the great Romanian therapist, spoke openly about the health problems: "There is only one disease: broken blood". We care for the liver, kidneys, lungs and other organs if we do not take care of the "ducts", that is the blood vessels.

Thickening and stiffening of arterial walls is called atherosclerosis. It is the leading cause of aging, cardiovascular disease, death, and is caused by an unbalanced diet and a deeply defective way of life.

What does blood purification therapy mean? Eliminating toxins from the body, starting at the cellular level, and thereby restoring the health of the physical and the psyche.

How do you do this? The greatest danger is fat, excess alcohol and smoking, which are sources of acidity. Stop smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, fat and roasting. Alkalize raw and raw vegetables, eat herbal teas, natural juices, pure water.

Atherosclerosis is caused by the deficiency of vitamin C, so the following prescriptions have components rich in this vitamin:

Elixir of Youth – the recipe of the famous healing Djuna. Put in a boiling lid with a lid, 500 grams of crushed garlic and 24 lemon juice. Leave for 24 days, mixing regularly. Store in a refrigerator. Drink one tablespoon in half a glass of water in the evening, before bedtime, in long or permanent cures.

Toasted onion in white wine. Ingredients: one liter of white wine, five red onions (about 500 grams) finely chopped, 250 grams of parsley root, two parsley leaves. Put the onion on the macerate in the wine. Separately, boil parsley root (cleaned and crushed) and parsley leaves (chopped) until the liquid drops to half. Allow to cool and squeeze. Mix with onion maceration in wine and add 150 ml of honey. He stumbled well, allowed to soak for seven days, shaking from time to time. It sneaks. Spoon a spoon three times a day, 30 minutes before a meal.

Tincture of dried nut shells. Mix 500 ml of nutmeg or nutty alcohol with 14 nuts, finely chopped, in a bottle or jar with lid. Allow to soak for two months. Eat one tablespoon in the morning on the empty stomach. It is a helpful remedy if you have deposits of salts, cysts and tumors.

Ramsons. Eat leaved salad every day for at least three weeks.

Nettle in spring treatments. Mix 100 ml of nettle juice with 100 ml of natural apple juice. Drink the mixture on the empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast for 20 days, take a 20-day break and resume for another 20 days.

Dandelion. No day without dandelion, either as an infusion (two, three cups a day) or as a tincture (40 drops three times a day, diluted with water, between meals).

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