A sexologist tells the truth about masturbation. Is it beneficial or harmful?

Masturbation is the simplest method by which adolescents explore their sexuality, 80-100% of young people practicing it around the age of 14-16, and in some cases, even from 10-12 years.

In the opinion of sexologist Gabriela Marin, masturbation can, over time, turn into a self-medication mechanism (auto-medication) to cope with stress or unpleasant situations. When masturbation becomes a favorite habit of getting rid of problems and bad conditions, it can turn into a pattern of addiction, addiction.

“Masturbation becomes a problem, even a pathological one, when it acquires an exclusivist, obsessive-compulsive character, or when it occurs in the background of an exaggerated conflict. Both men and women can compulsively masturbate with or without pornography. Some can masturbate daily, quickly, as a routine, or spend hours hours masturbating, accessing pornography or fancying.

Dependence on masturbation leads to feelings of guilt and lack of intimacy. It can also lead to the demobilization of the person from his current activities, removing him from the opposite sex, or causing anxiety caused by the feelings of guiltyness that he defends, “says psychotherapist Gabriela Marin, an expert in the psychology of couple relationships.

The sexologist does not tell you whether it is moral or not masturbating, but whether it has become a harmful addiction

Many people, especially young people, are reluctant to consult a specialist when he finds that compulsive masturbation has become a barrier to the good relationship of the couple. The main reason put forward is that the psychologist could judge for this behavior or put him under the sign of “immorality”. “A good sexologist will never appeal to morality in the treatment of sexual problems and of the dependence on masturbation. A good sexologist will respect the beliefs and values ​​of the client while working to reduce shame and lead him towards a healthy sexuality. There are also more complex cases where people are dependent on masturbation, but also pornography or porn sites, and then the person may be addicted to pornography and the internet. The psychotherapist’s job is to give him the right treatment depending on the degree of addiction, “says psychotherapist Gabriela Marin.

Recovery means total renunciation of masturbation?

“For a person who is dependent on masturbation, a period of abstinence is recommended. As a rule, total abstinence or “black post” is avoided, as they like to say to young people. Always, extremes may be more damaging than addiction itself. As in the case of a food imbalance or when we work too much and extenuate, so is the case with sexual imbalance. Our body will need rest, it needs to regenerate its functions. During recovery, sexual activity with a person is recommended as long as the person is distracted from obsessive-compulsive habit. Non-sexual activities are also recommended, which would keep it out of desire. Often bad times, fear or anxiety determine the need for masturbation as a controlled release of sexual energy, “explains sexologist Gabriela Marin.

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