A simple exercise melts the fat on the waist miraculously. It’s more effective than 1000 abs

The abdomen is one of the most problematic areas when it comes to weakening. If you dream to have a flat and toned abdomen and diet and exercise do not work, there is still hope. Fitness experts have found the solution that, according to their words, can replace 1000 abs.

This incredible exercise is called “plank”, it is static and uses the weight of the body, which must be kept in a “plank” position. The difficulty comes from the fact that you do not have to move even one centimeter.

According to HealthyFoodHouse.com, this way you will say “goodbye” to back pain and fat tissue because 10 minutes of “plank” is equivalent to 1,000 abs.

However, it is essential to keep your body in the correct position and follow the following instructions:

  • Stay in a floating position with your palms on the floor and straightened shoulders. The neck should be elongated and the hands in a comfortable position.
  • Despite the fact that the exercise focuses on the abdominal muscles, you must feel that the muscles of the lower limbs work too.
  • The body must be straight as a plank, so do not lift the posterior.
  • In order to be able to maintain this posture for long, you have to breathe correctly (rhythmically).

If the simple plank seems boring to you after you have put yourself in the right position, you can do the following exercise:

  • Sit on the floor, leaning against your forearms and lower limbs so that the waist and shoulders form a straight line. (floating position)
  • Look at 50 cm in front without lifting the head, which should be kept parallel to the ceiling.
  • Stretch your right foot back and your left hand in front, get back, stretch your left leg back and your right hand in front.
  • Keep the position for about 5 seconds and continue with this alternate movement up to a minute.
  • During this time, contract your abdominal muscles.
  • Do this exercise three times in a row. Once the body has become accustomed, specialists recommend that the exercise lasts more than 60 seconds.

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