A unique method in the world for treating serious illnesses also reaches Romania

A unique method in the world for treating serious illnesses also reaches Romania

The reason why more and more people are contacting more and more serious illnesses that did not exist at the time of our grandparents or our parents is today the high degree of intoxication in our bodies. Stress factors or the consumption of liquid or solid foods that no longer conform to the optimal parameters, clearly affect our health.

Doctor Astrid Cristina Sburlan, who has analyzed the health status of thousands of people during his career, has noticed a stranger thing: the same people, from year to year, have a higher level of heavy metals in the body, and an ever lesser level of vitamin D, a very important indicator of our immune system.

"Since most of my patients have sedentary office work, it is unlikely that this harmful trend will come from the workplace, but rather these heavy metals have been taken over from exhaust gases, from water sources, from food, from increasingly polluted and heavier respirable air from urban agglomerations. Unfortunately, we live an unprecedented period in which we are bombed by toxins from all sides, toxins that severely affect our immune system, causing more and more serious diseases, "explains Dr. Astrid Cristina Sburlan.

The detoxification technique has reached Romania

Together with one of the most appreciated doctors in the world, Armenian Russian academician Dr. Ashot Khachatryan, Dr. Astrid Cristina Sburlan (and other associates) opened in Bucharest one of the most modern detox centers in Central Europe and Of east. The Perfect Detox Clinic Effect works after the revolutionary method patented by the Russian professor, treating over 50,000 patients in 11 countries since 1993. The unique method in the world is based on the use of hydrogen ion therapies and is called hydrogen medicine.

"Basically, everything we use in treatment is therapeutic solutions, with different pH types but enriched with hydrogen ions. Solutions, due to the large number of hydrogen ions contained, are electrically charged negatively. Once in the body, negative electric charges, they succeed in neutralizing the positive electric charges that exist inside the diseased cells, and then even bringing negative cellular energy to negative values. Under these new conditions, tumors, viruses, bacteria and any other parasite can no longer exist. That is, the moment when virtually all that exists within the cellular as an "aggressive" factor has no conditions for development or existence, and that intracellular disorder disappears slowly.

Practically we recreate the intracellular health conditions, and the body of each patient manages to heal at his own pace. Treatment in our clinic does not stop there. After cleansing the body to the cellular level, we rebuild the immune barrier, which is, as is known, represented by healthy bacterial (quality) bacteria in the colon.

Reproduction of the intestine is done with a beneficial bacterial flora containing 40 types of carefully selected bacteria by the academy. Prof. Dr. Ashot Khachatryan (the technique being patented by the professor on his behalf) and which every newborn healthy person has come to the world naturally (not via caesarean) has them. Practically, we introduce the whole length of the large intestine from 10 to 10 centimeters these solutions of living bacteria that slowly develop and repopulate the entire colon, "explains Dr. Astrid Cristina Sburlan.

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