Alexandru Vlahuţă, an emotional letter for his daughter

Alexandru Vlahuţă, an emotional letter for his daughter

Alexandru Vlahuţă's tips left to his daughter are a real lesson of life. These teachings are the key to a fulfilled spiritual life.

One of the epistles of Romanian writer Alexandru Vlahuta is a true lighthouse for the ocean of youthful anxiety of our time. These teachings were written by the author when his daughter, Margaret, turned 17. Currently, the epistle is preserved originally at Vlahuta's memorial house at Agapia.

"Be good so you can be happy. The wicked can not be happy.

They can have satisfactions, pleasures, good luck, but not happiness. No, because, first, the wicked can not be loved, and the second, … the second … of! the good fortune and the other "pearls of pearl" that resemble it, come from outside, from people, from circumstances, over which you have no dominion and no power, while happiness, true happiness in you rises, in you bloom and bind fruit, when you have prepared your soul for it.

And training is a work every moment, – when you lose patience, you scatter all you have to do and you have to take it from the beginning. That's why you see so few happy people … As many as they deserve …

Oh, if we did not love ourselves so without measure, if we did not do that to our own person, and if we were hungry whenever we lied or we were surprised at a mischief or an ugly act, if we, at last, examine ourselves more often and more impartially (we can say it), we will get away from us that part of stupid foolishness, malice and dirty dish, which adds to the dullness in our noble creature. It is known that pain is a wonderful counselor. Whoever is more open to the mind, draws the doctrine and the pain of others. I have great confidence in your will. It remains to know just what you want. And I see you started to know that. God, how good it seems to you that you start to notice yourself, to make your own reproaches and to look for your true path on your own!

So, fight yourself whenever you feel selfish, whenever you bite the serpent of wickedness, envy or lies. Be harsh with you, straight with your friends, and with your wicked soul. Make yourself small, make yourself insignificant as many times as cleverness urges you to cry, "Look at me!" But especially I would like to write in your soul this: Do not do any deed remembering could ever make you blush. There is no triumph in the world, no stronger support, no full gratification, as a pure conscience.

Keep this letter. When you are 50, you will understand better. Let God give it to you and then with the clear soul of today.

He loves you, Al. Vlahuţă ".

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