Anemia. How many types exist and what solutions we have in treating anemias

Anemia. How many types exist and what solutions we have in treating anemias

Anemia. Lately, you feel tired, have frequent headaches, are you dizzy slightly? All these common symptoms seem to be an indication of anemia in the body.

Anemia. The diagnosis of anemia and its treatment can only be done with the help of a doctor. Basically, blood tests show whether a person has anemia or not. But what kind of anemia he has. Specialists say that anemia is confirmed by a doctor when blood levels of hemoglobin are below the normal age and gender of the person concerned. In other words, if it is less than 12 g / dl in females and 13 g / dl in men. The explanation is that the level of hemoglobin below the acceptable limits, the amount of oxygen required for the muscles and the brain will be insufficient, so the person in question will feel weak. It is very important to treat anemia because in the absence of treatment it can lead to serious health problems. Equally important is the determination of the causes that led to anemia.

Here are the main types of anemia:

Hemolytic anemia. It is either a hereditary disorder, or a disorder of the hereditary system, but also the excess of toxins that accumulate in the blood. In the case of this anemia, the production of red blood cells is destroyed very quickly.

Megaloblastic anemia, which occurs due to vitamin deficiency, is more precisely caused by the deficiency of vitamin B12 or folic acid. This indicates the presence of very large red blood cells.

Aplastic anemia is a severe, but rather rare, condition. It is caused by the inability of the spinal cord to produce enough red blood cells.

Fertility anemia is the most common and is caused by iron deficiency. Among the main causes that lead to iron loss are: menstruation, constantly taking, abusive anti-inflammatory drugs that can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding. Anemia is very important for this anemia. You should eat as much seafood as fish, meat, liver, herbs – spinach, nettles, parsley.

Depending on the causes that caused the anemia, the doctor will determine the method to treat it. For example, when anemia caused by infection, antibiotic will probably be prescribed. If the patient has an iron deficiency, for example, iron will be given in the form of supplements, but the diet will be greatly improved.

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