"Attention to these plants can promote colorectal cancer" – Ovidiu Bojor, the famous phytotherapist academician

"Attention to these plants can promote colorectal cancer" - Ovidiu Bojor, the famous phytotherapist academician

Ovidiu Bojor, the famous phytotherapist and academician, has revealed to us, both through his books and through interviews, the precious secrets of plants.

The big professor has natural solutions for all the diseases, but today we are talking about colorectal cancer and plants that can help us to really detoxify the body.

Doctor Ovidiu Bojor says there are plants that can help us colon detox, but not everything is beneficial. "Great attention, in this category do not have to go laxatives and purgatives, which have anthraquinone oximetil. This group is very harmful to the body. It's about cruel, henna, aloe, revent. After longer use of them, one week, two, three, side effects occur in the body until favoring colon cancer.

That is why we have plants such as plantago psyllium, a species of peat, we have flax seeds, white mustard seeds, which must be used whole. Some have tried to make these seeds laxative purgative capsules, they have crushed them, the biggest mistake, because in contact with the air, after a week of grazing and other harmful effects, "says the doctor in the Bojor pharmacy.

He advises us to leave a spoonful of seeds in the morning and evening in 200 ml of water, and then ingest them completely. Detoxification can also be done uroreally. And here we find plant help, starting with the best diuretic, the birch leaves in the form of infusion.

"In parallel, we have to deal with spiritual detoxification. Let's think positively, because tumors, cancer also occur for this reason. I always appeal to folk wisdom, because fortunately, we have many profound proverbs. One says, "Poor, he died of evil heart!" And even so, he can die of annoyance … So we have to be careful. A simple forgiveness can help you eliminate that toxicity from the body. A smile, a comfort, a good word, "says doctor in pharmacy Ovidiu Bojor.

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