Authorities are on alert. Outbreak of bird flu in this county in Romania!

The bird flu hits again! Maximum concern at the border with Romania

Authorities are on alert. Outbreak of bird flu in this county in Romania!

Outbreak of bird flu in Romania! Over 18,600 birds are to be euthanized and incinerated in Maramures. The situation is managed by specialists and the necessary preventive measures have been taken to spread the disease.

It was also proceeded to destroy the forage and other viruses, as transmitted by the RRA correspondent in Baia Mare, Adrian Marchiş, for Rador.

Outbreak of bird flu in Romania! Last week, the European Commission reported on the existence of nine outbreaks of avian influenza in Poland, and today the Hungarian authorities announced a second outbreak in the country. The Food Safety Authority of Hungary reported today that the H5N8 bird flu virus was detected in a duck farm in the town of Létavértes, located near the border with Romania. According to a statement, the specialists took the necessary measures in such situations, began the slaughter of the 115,000 birds from the respective farm, and a protection zone was established within a radius of 3 km, as well as a surveillance zone at a distance of 10 km. around the outbreak.

Authorities said the virus may have reached the duck farm because of wild birds looking for food in the area. A few days ago, the bird flu virus was also detected in a turkey farm in the northwestern area of ​​Hungary, with the decision to slaughter over 50,000 birds.


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