Beware of paracetamol consumption! Warning from a known cardiologist

Beware of paracetamol consumption! Warning from a known cardiologist

Vasi Rădulescu is a well-known Romanian cardiologist and the founder of the #leadpath health project. He has been writing for good years about the good or less good parts of the Romanian medical system and was elected the best communicating doctor at the COPAC 2018 awards.

Vasi Rădulescu has alerted his readers to a common medicine, which many people take without consulting the doctor, especially in the cold season.

Here's what doctor Vasi Rădulescu says about paracetamol: What side effects can occur? Given by the doctor at optimal doses, paracetamol is well tolerated. The problem appears elsewhere: it is easy to buy from any pharmacy and many take it with their fists, sometimes in grams per preparation already quite large. 3 grams per day of normal paracetamol, for a period of several days, do not pose problems. 3 grams per day of paracetamol with long duration of action, over a period of several days, can cause serious side effects, especially liver. There are cases of destruction of liver cells up to acute liver failure, bleeding, changes in blood elements that occur after ingestion of paracetamol without supervision.

Possible side effects of paracetamol:

yellow coloration of the skin, sclera (shows hepatic impairment, with jaundice)

red spots or veins on the skin (vascular damage)

mouth or mouth ulcers

itching (pruritus)

red urine (hematuria)

nausea, vomiting

diarrhea, bloating

muscle spasms


small quantity urine (oliguria)

allergies to hypersensitivity to anaphylaxis

Important. In case of lethargy, deep drowsiness, appetite abolished, severe upper abdominal pain, heavy sweating, seek medical advice immediately. There are signs of acetaminophen intoxication.

Should we avoid it? No way. We should only pay attention to weight and formula, avoiding taking too much of the 625mg or 1g preparations. We need to call the doctor before making a possible mistake. We must avoid paracetamol if we have certain liver diseases, blood, known allergies, taking only the pills recommended by the doctor. We must not combine different forms of paracetamol, for example soluble powders for viral states with conventional tablets or effervescent tablets, exceeding the dose without realizing it.

Great attention to doses, preparations, duration of action. Ask your doctor where you have any doubts. You may die by continuing to take certain preparations that gradually increase the concentration of acetaminophen in your blood.

It is not necessary to lower paracetamol from its well-deserved position among the best analgesic / antipyretic substances. We need to be vigilant, intelligent, well informed.


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