Build positive feelings and think positively!

Build positive feelings and think positively!

Everywhere you hear the excuse: Look at the full side of the glass! It is very true, however, how to manage to see this part of life?

The reality is that we are getting more and more stressed, tired, more out of life and lack of free time and the weights we cross daily. What is the role of positive thinking in raising the quality of life and how we have such a way of thinking, said Luminiţa Lişca, a psychotherapist at the Clinic of Happiness.

Practically, specialists claim that we humans have the power to program or set our subconscious to turn negative thinking into positive thinking.

First of all, the role of this positive thinking has to be very well understood. Well, say the specialists, it's very simple to understand. When you choose to see the good things of whatever happens to you, your soul is filled with hope and good will. Moreover, positive thinking will make you discover new ways to reach your daily goals.

Positive emotions to overcome negative ones

"Happiness is much easier to achieve when you start your journey every day with positive thoughts. Hopeful thinking is built by our judgment, our ability to start from the idea that we can achieve our goals and achieve them. It is enough to make small changes in the way we look at the events in our lives. Real life is a sum of positive or negative emotions. What is really important is positive emotions to overcome negative ones, "explained the therapist.

He also stressed that this positive thinking is a mix of positive feelings that are vital to our well-being, our well-being and contribute directly to the growth of personal health, the development of intellectual, social, psychological, and physical abilities.

"Joy, pleasure, fulfillment, delight, joy, wonder, desire, satisfaction, love and happiness are just some of the positive emotions that make up positive thinking. Positive emotions open the mind, make us better, help us think better, help us to develop, acquire more abilities, and build new resources that create the basis for future positive emotions, "continued the specialist.

We need to learn to build positive feelings

Luminita Lishca also says that in order to have a peaceful, harmonious life, we must learn to build positive feelings, to discover new things that make us feel better.

"It is important to be open to personal development, continuous learning, the accumulation of new experiences, and flexible thinking. Let us abandon rigid, dichotomous thinking. Let's find out who we are, what we want, what our needs, interests, how our life can be better, safer, more fulfilled. Positive thinking can be enhanced by being authentic, allowing us to shine and show us the true nature. But also through time dedicated to friends and especially to the family. Or to do charity and, very importantly, to become better with us and with those around us, "the psychologist said.

Last but not least, to be in harmony with you. To be emotionally good, we should learn to be grateful for what is good in our lives! Yours, of all!

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