Cancer. What is and which natural treatment is the best (P)

Cancer. What is and which natural treatment is the best (P)

Cancer. Known as 21st century disease, cancer is a condition that is manifested by uncontrolled cellular multiplication and affecting millions of people worldwide, of all ages.

In Romania, on the other hand, according to statistics provided by the Cancer Patients Association in Romania last year, nearly 51,000 Romanians died due to a cancer, and more than 83,000 were diagnosed with this disease.

According to specialists, cancer is a condition that manifests itself through the uncontrolled and abnormal division of a cell group and can affect all parts of the body, including skin, blood, brain and bones. Until now, however, specialists have identified over 200 cancers and not all of them are developing through the development of a tumor. For example, leukemia is a condition that manifests itself in the blood, the lymphatic system and the spinal cord.

There are many forms of cancer, which are classified by type of cell, tissue or affected organ. For example, carcinomas, which occur in nearly 85 percent of all cancers, develop in external or internal epithelial tissues, such as lung, breast, skin, colon or prostate cancer. Sarcomas, in contrast, are cancers that occur in body-supporting tissues such as bone and muscle, while lymphomas are cancers developed in the immune system cells, especially in the lymph nodes. Leukemias, however, are types of cancers that are born in the bloodstream where the blood cells are formed.

Cancer – the main symptoms

There are many forms of cancer, which is why their symptoms are not easily predictable or identifiable, especially as some people may not appear at all, while others may experience symptoms as early as the first the stage of the disease.

So, the most common symptoms among cancers are unexplained weight loss, but also increased fatigue, as cancer cells need a lot of energy to develop, which is why patients are experiencing fatigue and difficulty in breathing.

Another symptom that can indicate a form of cancer is fever, especially those that affect blood cells, such as leukemia and lymphoma.

Pain, maintaining a general malaise, appetite suppression, altered eating behavior, pain in the body or in joints that persist may also indicate certain cancers.

In the case of skin cancer, however, the skin can change its color or texture, or there may be wounds that do not heal.

Colorectal cancer may be identified due to changes in intestinal transit, such as diarrhea, constipation, presence of blood in the stool, abdominal pain, digestive problems.

Heavily healed wounds, excessive bleeding, fever, repeated infections and weight loss may indicate the presence of blood cancer.

According to medical experts, tumors are not synonymous with cancer, as these terms are distinct and describe two different conditions of health.

Specifically, the tumor is defined as the excessive proliferation of some cells in the body, with the possibility of a formation in the body, which may be benign or malignant, i.e. cancerous. Cancerous tumors, however, occur when the cells rapidly divide and start invading neighboring tissues and spreading to other areas of the body when metastasis occurs.

Cancer – What is metastasis

Thus, metastasis is defined by the extension of the tumor from the primary site to distinct distant areas, for example breast cancer can spread to the bones.

Benign tumors, on the other hand, do not have the ability to diffuse, and metastasis does not occur in their case. However, they may be recurrent, as they may appear extremely fast. It also appears that benign tumors are asymptomatic and undetectable for a long time, these being, most of the times, identified by chance.

Malignant tumors can be identified by symptoms such as fever, weight loss, general malaise, inability to heal wounds, and changes in intestinal transit.

Metastasis involves several stages. The first is the local extension of primary cancer, after which the cells are removed from the primary tumor and penetration into neighboring lymph nodes. Then they propagate to the blood vaseline, and then the cancer spreads to other organs.

For example, ovarian cancer metastasizes, most often to the lungs, liver, peritoneum, while breast cancer in the lungs, bones, liver and brain. Prostate cancer extends to the lungs, liver, adrenal glands and bones, and stomach and colorectal cancer to the peritoneum, lungs and liver. Thyroid and bladder cancer metastasize to the lungs, liver and bones.

What is the natural treatment that quickly helps fight cancer?

As you can see these types of cancer may be different or some can bring more complications than we can imagine.

Suffering is very high when this disease occurs, both for the patient concerned and for the whole family.

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