Careful! Supplements for stimulating immunity can cause disease without a cure

Careful! Supplements for stimulating immunity can cause disease without a cure

Do not take supplements to boost immunity without the advice of a doctor. Autoimmune diseases are not new, but many of them have recently been included in this category, as diagnostic methods have advanced and their production has become clearer.

Although it has not been proven, pollution, exposure to toxic substances, but also the "after-ear" administration of supplements for "stimulation of immunity" were accounted for the "explosion" of autoimmune diseases.

Lupus, hard to "kill"

In the face of the first signs of the disease, a patient does not know exactly which doctor to call. For example, lupus "deals" with the dermatologist, and the rheumatologist, and the nephrologist, as it is a disease that attacks all the organs in turn. The first sign is the stain on the face, which is said to resemble either the wolf's bite or a butterfly.

"The name should not be interpreted in the sense that the patients would acquire a specific behavior and appearance to the animal that inspired it," says Rozalina Lăpădatu, APAA president.

Most of the time, lupus "does not attack" only the face, but several parts of the body (systemic lupus erythomatosus). About 9,000 Romanians have this form, 93% being women with an average age of 43 years. For his diagnosis it takes an average of four years and the consultation of three different doctors.

"We have in the association a girl diagnosed with lupus, a college graduate, who is admitted almost monthly. He had cardiac arrest, stroke, was in a coma. Now, after a series of investigations and after years of treatment, the diagnosis of lupus is under question, because those analyzes are going well ”, adds Rozalinda Lapadatu.

Treatment or wheelchair

Do not take supplements to boost immunity without the advice of a doctor. For patients with multiple sclerosis, not diagnosis, as access to treatment is a problem. The patients urgently need treatment with interferon, in order not to remain with the sequels, or the waiting lists extend for several months. "Sclerosis is the most disabling disease of the young adult. All patients need immediate treatment, ”says Prof. Dr. Ovidiu Băjenaru. In Romania, about 10,000 people suffer from this disease, which, untreated, can lead to paralysis and even loss of vision.

Do not take supplements to boost immunity without the advice of a doctor

Stress "hits" and stomach

Inflammatory bowel disease, another category of autoimmune disease, occurs more and more often in young people aged 20-30. They are based on a genetic predisposition, but the factors that trigger them are related to the hectic lifestyle: stress, excessive smoking, unbalanced diet or excessive antibiotics. Patients are experiencing stomach aches, diarrhea (which can take weeks or even months) and fatigue. Eventually, they become a burden on the health system and society. In Romania, there are approximately 5,000 patients with such diseases.

Doctor's tip: "Get enough rest and avoid stress"

Doctor Anca Zbranca offers some advice to patients who have psoriasis, lupus and other autoimmune diseases that mainly affect the skin.

In addition to the actual treatment, patients suffering from psoriasis, lupus and other dermatological autoimmune diseases must adhere to a series of care rules and pay particular attention to the cosmetic products they use.
Professor Anca Zbranca recommends psoriasis sufferers to use especially fatty textured cosmetics, as too dry an atmosphere damages the skin and is so inflamed.
And exposure to ultraviolet is indicated in the case of psoriasis, but you should not forget about sun protection creams.

"Phototherapy is part of the psoriasis treatment line and there are even ultraviolet lamps," says the specialist. If there are lesions on the scalp too, it is advisable to use a special shampoo, recommended by the dermatologist and not to damage the skin of the head with the brush.
If in the case of psoriasis, the sun is even indicated, the patients with lupus are not allowed to expose themselves to the rays at all and must use products with a high index of sun and summer protection, and in winter.

"In terms of lifestyle, foods rich in vitamin E and moderate physical effort are recommended."
Also, giving up unhealthy habits, such as excessive alcohol consumption or smoking, is indicated. Patients undergoing cortisone treatment, a low salt diet is recommended. Patients should follow a rest schedule and, as far as possible, avoid stress.


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