Careful! You can cause vascular accident if you eat these foods on a heat

Careful! You can cause vascular accident if you eat these foods on a heat

Though it seems like a SF theory, hot tea cools better than a glass of juice in which you put a couple of ice cubes. The more abundant you sweat, the less you feel the effects of the hectic.

Very cold foods consumed during cold periods can have a detrimental effect as it causes the blood vessels to contract. Not only will you warm up even more, but you can even suffer a stroke or a stroke.

Professor Peter McNaughon, from the prestigious Cambridge University, abolishes the myth of cold drinks on the heat. The specialist's explanation is simple: drinking hot or hot beverages only increases body temperature. The nerves found in the oral cavity and the digestive system will stimulate the brain to produce more sweat, which, by evaporation, will cause the body to cool. "The water evaporates very quickly from the skin, and then the body cools down," says McNaughon, quoted by Deutsche Welle.

Although people feel hotter when they drink hot drinks, "when they start to sweat, they will begin to feel cold," adds Dr. Cristopher Gordon, an expert in "human thermoregulation" at the University of Sydeny. Sweating is a vital process for the body. If it did not occur, in very high temperature environments, then the body temperature would increase dangerously, causing brain injury and death.

The fast secret of the Asians

This is why doctors recommend that instead of choosing an ice or refreshing juice, better drink warm tea or warm and very spicy food that has the same effect of increasing the internal temperature. In addition, hot foods, such as chilli peppers, contain a substance called capsaicin, which acts on the nerve receptors in the mouth and digestive tract and intensifies the activity of sweat glands.

This explains why people from hot climates, such as Asia or South America, tend to eat spicy, spicy dishes instead of so-called refreshing foods such as ice cream, melons or other juicy fruit. Cold foods, on the other hand, cause a temporary cooling sensation, as "the amount of liquid consumed is very low in relation to body weight." In addition, there is a limit of fluids that you can consume daily so the kidney function is not affected.

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