Causes of early menopause and risks of hormonal therapy

Causes of early menopause and risks of hormonal therapy

You are young, beautiful, you have a career in full ascension and you are convinced that everything is fine with your body. Menopause is a word you do not want to know much about, because you're only 30 years old. You did not even think about your child. But what are you doing, if you do not have the menopause to settle early?

About the effects of early menopause, its risks, and the benefits and disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy, we discussed with Dr. Silviu Iştoc, head of obstetrics-gynecology at Medicover Hospital.

How do we define menopause and what are the reasons for its early setup?

Menopause occurs when the ovaries remain ovoid and no longer produce estrogen, the hormone that controls the reproductive cycle. Any condition that damages the ovaries or stops producing estrogen can cause premature menopause. Among the causes we can recall a chemotherapy treatment or surgery to remove the ovaries. Many women suffer from early menopause, even if their ovaries are intact and healthy. It should be noted that menopause begins when the ovaries do not function properly, and these disorders are hormonal, associated with conditions such as the thyroid. These effects can be known early in the wake of special medical examinations that show hormonal disturbances in the body and intervene for prevention.

What is the age <> Menopause installation?

The average age for menopause is 51 years, according to recent statistics. Generally, most women experience this natural problem from the age of 40 to 60.

But the age from which we can say that it is a case of early menopause?

Early menopause usually refers to cases where it occurs before the age of 40, which is far too early.

Are there certain risks that lead to early menopause?

Risks for early entry into menopause are diverse, but the most well-known factor is the inherited gene itself. If, for example, your mother has entered the menopause early, it is very likely that you will inherit the same age. But smoking can also contribute to early menopause due to its anti-estrogen effects. Body mass index is another possible factor in early menopause. The explanation is that estrogen is stored in adipose tissue. Therefore, women with a lower weight have a lower amount of estrogen, which can be exhausted earlier than usual.

What is the role and the risks of hormone replacement therapy

Hormone therapy is used to treat and relieve menopausal symptoms and improve long-term health. This therapy consists of the administration of feminine hormones, meant to replace those who are no longer naturally occurring. Any treatment has obvious side effects or side effects. A too long or too long hormonal treatment could increase, for example, the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, the decision about the doses and duration of treatment should be made by the physician following a thorough consultation.

What does a 35-year-old woman when she wants a baby but has already entered premenopause?

Practically once entered into the premenopausal period, the ovum reserve of the ovary is exhausted, and therefore the chance of getting pregnant tends to zero. There are some cases in which ovarian stimulation can be attempted for in vitro fertilization, with chances of success but extremely low. Another option would be in vitro fertilization with donated oocytes, but it should be known that the baby's genetic baggage will be that of the donor egg and not of the mother carrying the pregnancy. Finally, an eventual adoption could be considered, a very good option, which, unfortunately, is rarely used.

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