Constipation, tired fatigue, harsh skin announces these diseases

Constipation, tired fatigue, harsh skin announces these diseases

Constipation, unexplained tired fatigue, harsh skin, signs that must scare us!

The number of people with thyroid disease has risen! What are the causes, but also the symptoms that should scare us?

The Association of Autoimmune Diseases released on Wednesday the third edition of the "Hidden Faces of Thyroid Dysfunction" campaign, aiming at raising awareness of these conditions and emphasizing the importance of treatments for the control of autoimmune thyroiditis symptoms.

At the same time, the national campaign also aims to increase diagnosis and improve adherence to treatment.

The "Hidden Faces of Thyroid Dysfunction" campaign aims to help diagnose affections by: communicating the symptoms of thyroid disorders so that, on the one hand, the Romanians know when it is time to go to a doctor for endocrinological consultations, encourage family doctors to include thyroid blood tests (which are settled by the National Health Insurance House) on the list of annual analyzes made by the patients they care for, and to persuade patients undergoing treatment not to give up and if effects occur side effects, report them to the treating physician to review their treatment plan (dosage).

Association President Rozalina Lăpădatu said that patients tend to give up medical monitoring and treatment sometimes, which is very risky.

"It is very important to respect that interval at which the doctor tells us to return to control. Symptoms can be recognized by patients and they can go to the family doctor to do the baseline analysis where that package is. (…) I would like to encourage patients to trust doctors to go to tell them what happens to them because the doctor is the patient's partner in such a condition. (…) The third edition of the campaign comes with new information, we continue with information on symptoms and diagnosis. We consider it the basis of the discussion about thyroid diseases, we come up with new information about the thyroid context, autoimmune diseases, "Lapadatu said.

State Councilor in the Presidential Administration Diana Paun said the prevalence of thyroid disease has increased in recent years.

"The prevalence of thyroid disease has increased because we live in some stressful conditions, there is a whole range of noxes that attack the thyroid, we live in a country with iodine deficiency, but also because our diagnosis and treatment options improved, and patients became aware of certain symptoms and presented to the doctor. (…) I have figures since 2016 when 83,413 new cases of thyroid disease have been registered in Romania, twice more than in 2010. (…) Of these, 12,577 were new cases of hypothyroidism and 9,575 were new cases of hyperthyroidism, "she said.

According to this, 86% of patients diagnosed with hypothyroidism in Romania are women.

"What are the symptoms that should scare us? If we talk about hypothyroidism, the most important is unexplained chronic fatigue, weight gain, edema, rough skin, hair loss, changes in cardiac or digestive function – tachycardia, constipation, a depressed mood. In the case of hyperthyroidism, the symptoms are exactly upside down: the patient is nervous, he is agitated, talks a lot, speaks fast, runs away from ideas, does not rest enough in the sense that he does not sleep and yet the next day he is alive even if he does not slept, no matter how much it eats, it shakes, it has palpitations because of tachycardia, the skin is usually sweaty, "Paun explained.

The campaign, which will take place throughout this year, is being carried out in partnership with the Presidential Administration, the Romanian Society of Endocrinology and the Romanian Society of Psycho-neuroendocrinology.

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