D. C. Dulcan, neurologist: 5 minutes of upset paralyzes the immune system, and millions of dead cells, viruses and bacteria in the body can trigger the disease

Prof. Dr. Constantin Dulcan, recent discoveries about CREIER: What to do to stay as young as possible

The university professor doctor Dumitru Constantin Dulcan is a neurologist and psychiatrist, the author of a large number of monographs, treatises, papers and books of great scientific value, but also of essays. His volume "Intelligence of matter", a bestseller sought today, was awarded the prize for philosophy "Vasile Conta" of the Romanian Academy in 1992.

– In "Intelligence of matter", your first book, you have shown with scientific arguments that, beyond all visible, concrete things, there is a field of energy and light, coordinated by an intelligent mind. In other words, that we are not alone in the universe, that God really exists. Has this certainty affected the way you live your daily life?

– Once we understood that, in fact, we are creating our own reality, the way we look at the world has changed. The discoveries of quantum physics have shown that it is our mind that causes energy waves to collapse and transforms them into particles, that is, into matter. To think means to turn the unseen into the seen. Thought is creative, it is the most powerful force in the universe. And God has given us the power to bring to earth, with our thoughts, only one of the millions of possible realities that exist in a latent state. The one that most closely resembles our thoughts.

– You mean what happens to us is the mirror of what we think and feel?

– Exactly. When I was doing research for my first book, I came to the conclusion that cells have their intelligence. And I got scared. The cells reacted to the thoughts and feelings of the person concerned. There was also an experiment in the West, with a DNA sample, collected from an individual and taken 1000 km away, to a laboratory. The person in question was put to watch a beautiful film, with wonderful images, which sparked joy. At the same time, 1000 km away, the measurements showed how the DNA spiral relaxes. When the images were changed to a horror movie, the DNA suddenly began to shrink, contracting. Upon hearing this, a question struck me: how does our body know what is bad and what is good? If our body reacts positively to good and negative to bad, there is only one great conclusion.

The law of good

– What's that?

– It means that the whole universe is based on a moral law, the law of good. Only now can I answer the first question. Yes, to be happy and healthy, we need only build our lives according to this law.

– In other words, does a healthy lifestyle start from thinking and doing good?

– When I commit an act contrary to this law, I create my own biochemical mechanisms that lead to the disease. Five minutes of anger or suffering immobilize the guard cells of the immune system for 5 to 6 hours. For 5-6 hours, our body is defenseless, and millions of dead cells, viruses and bacteria circulate freely through the body, can be located somewhere and trigger the disease.

– It is said in the people that "he died of a bad heart". Does this mean?

– Stress, which today has taken on huge proportions, hatred, anger, doubt, mistrust of others, envy, jealousy causes an acidic pH in the body, favorable to the disease. Depression also has a damaging effect on the body, not only because it impedes healing, but it can promote the onset of other diseases. But did you know that fear also hurts us? Avicenna's experiment is well known. A lamb was put in a cage and a wolf was placed in the next cage. The lamb died shortly after the stress of fear. Any emotional imbalance brings the disease sooner or later.

– With his emotions he can't joke. How can we protect ourselves?

– I learned to master them. I try not to get emotionally involved, not to get angry. If anyone mistakes me, I make an effort to forgive him, thinking that maybe one day he will understand what I understand now. We must forgive, because forgiveness causes the pH of the body to shift to an alkaline one, favorable to health. Of course there are sufferings that cannot be avoided. But it is important to remain aware that every minute of suffering or stress takes over our cell life.

Relaxation and breathing

– Statistics show that professional stress is one of the major sources of illness today. Excessive work threatens to kill us slowly.

– If we can not take small vacations, regularly, let us take at least ten minutes breaks, every hour, in which to clear our minds and take a deep breath. We can get up from the office and look out the window. Or, instead of drinking three coffees with our eyes on the computer, drinking tea without thinking about anything else. Let's enjoy its taste and aroma. In time, you learn to relax under any conditions. The Bedouins, for example, were resting on camels. I also write and read from morning till evening. But when I feel fatigue begin to settle on my mind, I stop and apply some relaxation techniques.

– Can you give us an example?

– All relaxation techniques are based on breathing. Fatigue also comes from a lack of oxygenation of the brain. I sit for a few minutes with my eyes closed, trying to represent my fatigue as a sensation in the brain and then, with each deep exhalation, I imagine that I will eliminate it. Each can create his own technique. I don't take pills for my headaches either. I relax, focus on the well-being and the warm, pass it through the heart and then send it where it hurts. I do this a few times and the pain goes away.

– Seeing your illness seems like a very important condition for healing.

– Bernie Siegel, a renowned oncologist in the US, took several cancer patients in the last phase and taught him the technique of imaging: several times a day, he had to imagine that they destroy the cancer of the body with a fire, with an animal that eat it, each one as he wished. After six months, 40% of them were cured. In psychological tests, it was found that those who were healed were the optimists, those who believed in God and those who were calm. Doubt is an obstacle to any success and especially to healing.

"Prayer – a physical reality"

– You remembered God. Is faith also part of the equation of well-being?

– Prayer is a physical reality, it is a way of talking to the universe. I have tested this myself, countless times, and I was scared to see that you could get an answer. Through prayer, the reality around us is transfigured, bringing to us the light from the universe. There is the famous case of American neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, who, at 54, had a severe bacterial meningoencephalitis. He spent a week in a coma, during which time many people prayed for him. After recovering, he said that all the time he was in a coma he saw around him human figures that seemed to be kneeling and from which waves of energy came to him. The prayers of others have healed him. But our own prayers also help us. Faith certainly mobilizes the entire immune system. Didn't Jesus say "your faith has healed you"?

– Nutritionists also put on the list a condition of health: what, how and how much we eat. Remember her?

– I follow a rule that has been known since the Hippocrates: to eat without completely satisfying the feeling of hunger! Adipocytes are waiting for the signal that you are tired to extract fat from their food. If you don't get tired, don't get fat. Recent studies show that the length of telomeres from the ends of the chromosomes, on which the life depends, is favorably influenced by the low calorie diet. I eat vegetables, fish eggs, yogurt, soy milk, which I drink in the morning, with whole grains, peas, lentils. I rarely eat meat. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't consume sugar. And I take care to keep, from time to time, a day of fasting, in which I drink only teas and let the body recover. But first of all, I make sure I never sit down at the table angry. The meal should be a holiday, an occasion of joy with others. Sure, today we don't all fit in at the table, but when we prepare something to eat, we do it with pleasure. The thoughts of the housewife pass in the dishes she cooks.

– From everything you said, I draw a conclusion: the best medicines are actually available to us.

– That's right. God has already given us everything. If we want to stay healthy and happy, it is enough to keep in mind a few things: to eat healthy, without getting dressed, to move, to rest properly, to be optimistic and full of hope. Let us be persistent with our passions, train intellectually and keep ourselves from routine. Make constant changes in our lives. And let us not forget that we must constantly maintain a balance between the energy consumed by effort and the energy obtained through rest and activities that strengthen us. Bad thoughts take us from life, joys bring us life. To seek joy, we need it as our daily bread. Even if sometimes we can only have it in the imagination.

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