Daily habits that make your heart sick

Daily habits that make your heart sick

Daily habits that can affect your heart's health. See if you do! How can you prevent them and where it is good to quit as soon as possible and, as far as possible, definitively.

You already know you have to eat right, move, and quit smoking. But do you know the other habits that can make your heart sick? For example, watching TV. When you sit down with hours, you increase the risk of stroke and stroke, even if you do constant sports!

How to prevent: Get up and walk around every quarter of an hour.

Snoring can be an indication of sleep apnea syndrome that is related to hypertension, arrhythmia, stroke or cardiac arrest.

How can you fix it. Ask your doctor for a screening for obstructive sleep apnea, there are treatments to help you sleep better.

Do not use dental floss anymore. Gingival affections are closely related to heart disease. Bacteria that cause gum disease can get into the blood and cause inflammation. Discard dental floss and go to dental check-up periodically.

Fruits and vegetables. People who eat more than 5 daily have a lower risk of developing heart disease or stroke than those who eat only one a day.

Ways to consume more fruits and vegetables. Prepare your smoothies, sandwiches with vegetables or soups. You can also eat them in the wok pan, egg liner or many other variants.

Do not exaggerate with alcohol! It is true that moderate consumption may be good for the heart, but too much consumption is a disaster. You will become hypertensive, you will have increased cholesterol and heart problems. Women do not have to drink more than a glass a day, and men more than two!

A glass means: 330 ml of beer, 200 ml of wine, 50 ml of hard alcohol.

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