Dangerous wrist pain, which can lead to paralysis!

Dangerous wrist pain, which can lead to paralysis!

The modern man is sitting in his office for 8 hours in front of a computer. Beyond the sight impairment, there are several serious issues that affect our health. If you work a lot in front of your computer, you are prone to doing this disease. Great attention, you can reach PARALIZE.

In people who use the keyboard and mouse every day, the most common condition is carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a wrist affection, the cause of which is, in most cases, the inadequate use of the computer keyboard and mouse. At the same time, there are other professions with increased risk for this syndrome. These include workers from manufacturing bands, drivers, housekeepers, hairdressers or bakeries. The risk is due to the long use of your wrist or to making repeated and prolonged movements that demand too much force.

There may also be factors favoring the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome. Some of them are: hypothyroidism, kidney disease, diabetes, alcoholism, obesity.

The Carpal Tunnel is a narrow channel, located at the center of the wrist. Through this channel passes the median nerve, responsible for the inheritance of a part of the hand. The channel diameter can be straightened and can compress the nerve under the action of various factors. Thus, the nerve will be prevented from functioning properly.

Symptoms of this disease include tingling in the fingers, pain in the hands or muscle weakness. The nocturnal pain of these areas is also possible. In the long run, the hand can suddenly lose its force or inadvertently remove objects from the hand. In the worst case, the paralysis of the hand, according to the neurologist Dan Mitrea, can be reached in an interview given to the journal "Careers".

Even if at first sight this syndrome may seem a little serious and may even be ignored by some, it is important to treat it from its detection. In case of carpal tunnel syndrome, the treatment is based on the severity of the disease. If the patient has mild symptoms, it is necessary to protect the wrist with a orthosis and laser therapy can be used. Laser therapy is a therapeutic process that involves applying a light source directly to the skin. It penetrates the tissues, triggering biological changes that lead to the intensification of local blood circulation, temporary relief of pain and stiffness in the minor muscles and joints and relaxation of the muscles. It can get to the operation if the fingers are constantly numbing and decreasing muscle strength at their level.

To prevent this disease, be sure to keep a correct position while sitting in front of your computer. You can also stand upright to straighten your back.

How to hold your hand on your desk so you will not have any problems

The top of the computer screen must be at the eye height. Ideally, the computer screen and keyboard should be separated so you can be rooted to get the most comfortable position. Therefore, for prolonged work it is recommended to use a desktop, not a laptop. The arm and the forearm should be at right angles to the keyboard. Do not support the wrist on the edge of the desk. The level of the wrist should be higher than that of the fingertips.

You should not have to hold your hands up when writing, but the keyboard should be lower. Besides, this is using the retractable compartment under your desk, which holds anything other than the keyboard.

The mouse should be placed in the extension of the shoulder, allowing the forearm to rest on the table. Avoid having your mouse too far away from the keyboard, because you should use it stretching out your elbow with your tightened arm, which could cause you pain from the back of your neck to your fingers.

The seat must have an inclined backrest, and the seat should have lumbar and dorsal areas. The seat must also be adjustable in height and have wheels to ensure good mobility. It is also important to make regular breaks, both to free the pressure and effort of the palms and wrists, but also to regenerate your brain.

And, from time to time, you can do some exercises to release the tension in the wrist. Rotate the wrists with the palms facing down, five times to the left and then five times to the right. Grab your left thumb with your right hand and pull it back until you feel a slight tension. Keeps position as many as ten. Repeat the exercise five times and do it for the right hand finger. Grab a small rubber ball in your hand for ten seconds, five times, and then stretch your fingers, as long as you can, for five seconds, five times.

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