Deadly danger from apples, but other pimples that endanger your life. Mandatory things to know

Deadly danger from apples, but other pimples that endanger your life. Mandatory things to know

If you snack on apple seeds, find out that you are in danger! The seeds of other fruits are not friendly either. Not even almonds, pay close attention to the number of almonds consumed daily!

A great specialist in the field was kind enough to give an interview to Evenimentul Zilei daily. We already know that Mr. Constantin Vântoru shared with us many important tips that can save our lives. Here's what it reveals to us now, about seeds.

Consumed without measure, the seeds, the cyanide pain, can cause your death. Without exaggeration.
Constantin Vântoru, scientific researcher and coordinator of the Laboratory of Genetics and Improvement within the Buzau Research-Development Station.

"To take the example of the apple, an excellent fruit for health, we know all its benefits. If you like or are used to eating apples with seeds, which you swallow without chewing, it's no problem. The stomach does not break them, it eliminates them in the same state in which they reached them. If you crush the seeds between your teeth, you must know that they contain certain cyanides that can harm the human body. ”

5 – 6 almond seeds per day. Both!

I can hurt, but how much? "Well, if you like to squeeze apple seeds as you consume sunflower seeds, then be sure to risk very big problems. In fact, the crushed apple seeds, in huge quantities, can cause death, so let's talk about it ”, explains Constantin Vântoru. Shocking, right? And that's not all. Even with almonds, the situation is not different.

"That's right, no matter how much you like your almonds, you should never consume more than five, six pips a day! As good as they are when you consume them moderately, the more dangerous their cyanides become when you eat them without measure. Sir, our body even needs certain types of microbes to function perfectly, but everything must be in the right dosages, ”warns Constantin Vântoru.

What is the lethal dose of cyanide?

Going back to apples, because I was completely upset by the hollow-truth behind the juicy and sweet core. The seeds of this fruit contain around 0.6 mg of cyanide per gram. The lethal dose is 50 mg, the equivalent of 200 seeds. A basket full of apples! Fortunately, it would take tens of kilos of apples and the related seeds, crushed between the teeth, to poison a 70-pound person.

And if, however, there are people who get to consume large quantities of apple seeds, it should be known that the symptoms of (mild) poisoning are the following: headaches, dizziness, anxiety, tremors, weakness, nausea, vomiting. Higher doses can lead to increased breathing difficulties, high blood pressure and heart rate and renal failure. Reactions may include coma, convulsions and death due to respiratory arrest! So, consume the stopped fruit with your head!

Read the INTEGRAL interview given to the daily Evenimentul Zilei HERE, to find out other deadly traps that can be hidden in banal foods.


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