Dental gutters – what they use and how we care for them

Dental gutters - what they use and how we care for them

Dental gutter is a device for plastic dentistry, with variable hardness, flexibility and thickness. It is made in the dental technique laboratory based on a dental impression taken by the doctor.

Dr. Mihaela Dan, an orthodontic specialist at the Ortho-Implant Expert Clinic, says that a dental gum is relatively easy to accept by any patient. It doesn't matter its age, so it can be easily used outside the dental practice to solve or prevent the risk of certain problems.

Dental gutter has proven effective in:

  • Prophylaxis
  • In this case we are talking about the fluoridation / calcium paste gum, a thin, soft, mulched gum on the teeth, where fluoride gel or calcium paste is applied to remineralize the tooth enamel. Or to alleviate some of the white stains on the teeth and increase the resistance to cavities. By comparison, the bruxism gut is thicker. And it molds to the teeth and protects them from the wear and tear of their grinding. At the same time, it relaxes the temporal-mandibular joint.

  • Dental cosmetics
  • Used during dental whitening sessions in the cabinet, this gutter is soft. It is molded on all the inner surfaces, except the outer surface of the teeth visible in the smile. That is, on the incisors, canines, premolars where there is a place where the whitening gel is accumulated to produce its effect.

  • Orthodontics
  • The grooves have different applications in orthodontics, frequently being used either in the treatment, with the role of raising occlusion, on the arch opposite to the one on which the fixed dental device is. Or when a tooth is in reverse occlusion and cannot be brought to the arch, either after its completion, for containment, with the role of maintaining the result after removing the fixed dental appliance.

    Last but not least, the "invisalign" technique involves straightening your teeth little by little with a series of gutters. They are worn every 2 weeks, the total duration of the orthodontic treatment being 6-24 months.

    Dental care

    Gutters are generally worn at night. But for each case, the doctor will indicate the time of day and the duration of wearing. Essential, however, is that the device is used only on very well-brushed teeth. In turn, the gutter should be cleaned with the toothbrush and paste. Also, once a day or several times a week, it is disinfected by placing in a glass of warm water in which an effervescent tablet purchased from the pharmacy has dissolved. This releases active oxygen that destroys bacteria, viruses and fungi.

    When not in use, the gutter is kept in the special box to reduce the risk of loss or damage.

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