Depression on Sunday. Why sadness takes us at the end of the weekend and we hate so much Monday

Depression on Sunday. Why sadness takes us at the end of the weekend and we hate so much Monday

The idea of ​​starting a new week often shades the last weekend hours. Monday's day is considered by most people to be more unpleasant and more difficult to walk because it is associated with a resumption of job responsibilities or a retreat with stress and deadlines.

Monica Burcea, psychotherapist at the Ras Mandarin Therapy Center, tells us how Sunday Syndrome occurs and what we need to do to avoid it.

As the beginning of a new week of work falls, most people enter a state of strain or sadness, apathy that prevents them from enjoying the weekend ending. It is about the feeling of "loss of freedom", a trait that turns on the afternoon of Friday in the sensation of "regaining freedom". For this reason, social networking abounds in Monday's apathetic messages "and it's Monday .." and on Friday's joyful messages "Uraaa, it's weekend."

Sunday night's apathy is not a depression and does not need to be alarmed, but it is advisable to take into account the intensity of this experience as it can provide realistic indicators of job satisfaction and how stressful we feel. If Sunday afternoons come along with a degree of sadness, blushing that affects our program and relationships with others, it is advisable to be cautious because depression can occur over time.

Another consequence of these specific end-of-week conditions is the quality of Sunday sleep on Monday. The higher the stress of resumption of a new week of work, the lower the quality of the snail can go up to insomnia. Research shows that those who sleep less than 6 hours per night in the long run are 30% more prone to depression than others.

What can we do to make Sunday afternoons more enjoyable?

Stay away from your routine sensation. Sunday evenings are often associated with routine feeling. The thought of "tomorrow and it's Monday …" highlights a certain repetition associated with the feeling of time passage. Choose to insert into the weekly schedule and enjoyable activities. You can schedule something interesting to do even on Monday evenings and so the psychic inconvenience created by the beginning of a new week can be diminished.

Choose activities that please. Endorphins (the molecules of happiness) are responsible for installing the well-being, good mood. It's secret when we're outdoors, when we laugh and when we do some good activities with friends. So if you are not used to doing sports, a walk in the park on Sunday is more than welcome. I also help any other pleasant activities: a funny movie seen in the company of friends, a trip to the terrace, can protect us from installing such states.

Relax until you go to bed: a relaxing bath, a good book, a time spent with your partner are tools that can help you maintain a good mood before sleep. A late bedtime is recommended on Sunday night because it increases the risk of feeling tired and devitalized shortly after you wake up.

If your state of affairs is tied to put things in order, allocate your Sunday afternoon to do little preparation for the coming week: prepare your clothes, shop, cook something easy (if you are passionate about cooking) , clean up. It will give you the sense of control and you will have the feeling that you have used time in a constructive way.

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