Diet 20/20 makes furries. You only allow 20 foods and you can not stop at SLIDE

Diet 20/20 makes furries. You only allow 20 foods and you can not stop at SLIDE

Diet 20/20 belongs to Dr. Phil McGraw, a regular of Oprah Winfrey's shows, a television show that made him famous all over the world. He created this unique diet, which is called 20/20. Surprisingly, Dr. Phil is not a nutritionist, but a psychologist.

As you can see, you can eat a fixed number of foods, 20 exactly. These are harder digestive foods, the body will make an effort to digest it for a longer time, and so the metabolism will be accelerated.

Like other diet plans, the 20/20 diet has 4 phases. Here's what's right and what foods you're eating to get the desired results.

PHASE 1 lasts 5 days and you can EATLY consume the 20 foods in this list:

– Coconut oil

– green tea

– mustard

– olive oil

– almonds

– apples

– chuckle

– dried plums

– greens

– lentils

– peanut butter

– Pistachios

– raisins

– eggs

– yoghurt

– over the code

– rye

– tofu cheese

– whey powder

According to Dr. Phil, you have to have a 4-hour food break.

In Phase 2, there are 5 days of support. At this time, you can include other foods – chicken breast, tuna, brown rice, oats, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, caju, blueberries. During this time, you should take care that at least 2 foods per day are on the list of 20.

Continue to eat 4 meals a day at the 4-hour difference for 5 days.

In Phase 3, you eat 4 meals a day at a 4-hour difference for 20 days in which you are allowed to "cheat" twice a week but wise, it is not appropriate to destroy everything you've done, but you can not even have a lust.

During this time, you can include avocados, potatoes, raspberries, mushrooms, spinach, quinoa, black beans.

PHASE 4: If you are weakened to this point, start the maintenance phase. If you have not yet reached down as you wish, repeat the three phases again.

Once you have reached the desired weight, you will continue to eat according to the habits you have gained in the last period, Dr. Phil advises.

* This article is informative and educational and can not substitute for specialist medical advice. Thank you!

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