Do not jump over the evening meal if you want to lose weight! Here's what foods are recommended

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Do not jump over the evening meal if you want to lose weight! Here's what foods are recommended

Nutritionist Cristian Margarit claims that those jumping over the evening meal do more harm than good, especially if they want to lose weight or increase their muscle mass. Here's what he writes on his blog about this topic.

Evening meal is perhaps the most controversial meal of the day. The simplest and most stupid method of weight loss says "do not eat after X hour" or "do not eat in the evening".

It's okay to eat in the evening, no matter if you want to lose weight or put your muscles. It's really good to eat in the evening. Now it depends on what time you sleep and what you eat at this meal if it comes after a workout or not, if you ate enough during the day.

Jumping over the evening meal is for many a great dysfunction: the body will burn the muscle mass for energy. Perhaps only on a ketogenic diet you can do this from time to time, because the muscle mass is kept and for the energy needed for restoration, the reserve fats (eg from the belly) will be used.

A new study (2014) shows that those who eat carbohydrates in the evening have a better satiety than those who do not eat anything or have no carbs at the evening meal, just as protein predominates at first meal helps to optimize hormone levels which influences satiety (leptin, ghrelin, adiponectin). Another interesting idea is the use of gluten (bread, pasta) at the evening meal for those who are very stressed or who can not fall asleep because of training or other factors. In the case of obesity (the study is on people with BMI> 30), the release of fat during the night would be too great, hence the side effects described.

In the case of Israeli policemen, diets were strict, caloric (1300-1500) and fixed, not eating freely, as each of us would eat. It is important for everyone to find that method that will ensure that they achieve their goals and less imitation of effective programs in very particular cases. For many, the evening meal comes after training. As we know, even on a low-carb or ketogenic diet, there are benefits of carbohydrates immediately before, during or after exercise. If you chose a carbohydrate supplement during or after exercise, then the evening meal can only include protein and fat. Continue on

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