Doctor: "Hepatitis can evolve for years without symptoms. Many patients already have liver cancer "

How are the diseases that crush the liver? Doctor: "A state of tiredness or nausea goes unnoticed, but I can report hepatitis"

Doctor: "Hepatitis can evolve for years without symptoms. Many patients already have liver cancer "

Romania occupies one of the first places in Europe to the number of hepatitis patients. Between 5 and 7% of the population is infected with virus C. And for B virus, we're stupid. Even though hepatitis viruses are on a downward slope, we still remain at the top of the EU.
Mariana Mihăila, a physician at Fundeni Clinic Hospital, explains that from the moment I get infected with hepatitis virus and until the moment I feel bad about months or years.
"It depends on the reactivity of each organism. They are probably infected patients in infancy who do not know that they were ill until some adulthood, others come directly with liver cancer without knowing in their lives that they have had a hepatitis. Others who are going through a short period of time from the time of infection give you an example from a dental treatment or an inappropriate manicure within a few months can cause acute hepatitis. "

The analysis that shows you something is wrong

The analysis that shows me that there is something wrong with my liver is actually two: serum transaminases: the ALD AST. "But sometimes they are perfectly normal. And, in fact, the state of infectivity is seen by testing hepatitis. The markings for B virus and C virus. What I mean and say often, whenever I have the opportunity, is that it would be good for the whole adult population of Romania to vaccinate against B virus. Children born in Romania after 1995 are vaccinated in maternity. Vaccination against hepatitis B is a mandatory vaccination. But all the population born before 1995 is not vaccinated. And this protects each of us from talking about the hepatic cancer he carries on hepatitis B virus infection. "

Virus B infection can cause cirrhosis and cancer many years after the infection without apparently clinically passing through a hepatitis. The patient may not know that he or she has ever been infected and awakened in a very serious condition. In a terminal state of illness. "This is something I say to all families who have B-infected patients."

"In particular, couples to vaccinate. Because it provides protection. The vaccine is found in all pharmacies and can be done at the family doctor. "
There is also a vaccination scheme. It depends how fast we want our antibodies. The correct scheme is 016, and fast vaccination 013, the figures representing the months of the first vaccination can be made.

How is hepatitis B transmitted?

"And for the hepatitis B virus, we are stupid because the introduction of compulsory vaccination in children in 1995 left all the previously born population uncovered. There are virtually no B virus infections in Europe. All are vaccinated. I know there are all kinds of anti-vaccination campaigns but for B virus, I do not think parents can say no. "

It has to be said from the outset that B virus is the most infectious virus. "It's more infectious than the virus that produces HIV. It is transmitted in heterosexual couple, it transmits much more in homosexual relations, very easy to intravenous drug users. And unfortunately, furthermore, by producing blood, we are not tested because this is no longer the case, but unfortunately there is a period that is called an immunological window and which represents the time from the moment of infection to the moment when the infected organism produces the antibodies or detecting the B virus antigen in the blood. It is a delicate feather in which an infected patient can become infected in his turn. The immunological window is between 2 and 6 months from the moment of contact. "

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