Dr. Cătălin Costovici, oncologist: “Any of us can get cancer sooner or later. Stop eating this food, it's poison! ”

Dr. Cătălin Costovici, oncologist: “Any of us can get cancer sooner or later. Stop eating this food, it's poison! ”

Although the exact cause of cancer has not yet been discovered and chance plays an important role in the onset of the disease, there are factors that increase the risk and which we can control.

In an interview for EVZ.RO, the oncologist Cătălin Costovici explained why cancer occurs and what we should avoid in order to reduce our risk. "It's like a kind of Russian roulette in which we all participate. Everyone really. Either of us can develop cancer sooner or later. How lucky we are. Most cancers are accidental, that is, they are the result of chance, "said the doctor.

The processed meat is poison

However, there are cancers, such as digestive ones, that are related to the consumption of processed foods. "The processed meat must disappear from the nutrition of any of us: salami, sausages, sausages, parsley, sausages with minced meat. It is the most unlucky, it is poison, because the processing itself also means stabilizers, dyes, the famous Euros. And their effect is cumulative in time and, in decades, these effects are poisonous on bread, or without bread. And the bread has stabilizers, emulsifiers and a lot of things ”, the oncologist drew attention.

If we add to all these stresses that we are subjected to everyday, it results "a very successful" cocktail "to show a misfortune like cancer," concluded Dr. Cătălin Costovici.

The doctor also spoke about the role of smoking in lung cancer and the connection between radiation emitted by mobile phones and brain cancer.

Cancer is no longer a death sentence

As for the theory that cancer patients should avoid dairy and meat, he says it's totally wrong. "This story is spooky and has no scientific substrate. We recommend to our patients a balanced diet first and foremost, ie rich in vegetables and fruits, but not without meat. Meat is extremely important, especially in the patient undergoing intensive oncological treatments. Meat is primarily protein, and animal protein is high quality protein. We need consumption and meat in order for the patient to restore the hematological capital needed to cope with the next series of treatment ”, added the doctor.

Regarding cancer treatments, the doctor says that in oncology, discoveries are made at a dizzying rate and the disease is no longer a death sentence. "New therapeutic procedures, new treatments, absolutely unexpected not even 10 years ago, are not talking about 20 or 30 years. Survivors have grown fantastic. In many situations, diseases that seemed to have no solution, have been in remission for years. "

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