Draft bill for prescription cannabis use by a specialist doctor

Draft bill for prescription cannabis use by a specialist doctor

A draft law on the legalization of medicinal cannabis use was submitted last week to Parliament, with the signature of almost 100 MPs from all parties. The project was initiated by Cristina Dumitrache (PSD deputy, member of the House of Representatives 'Health Committee), Florin Buicu (PSD deputy, chairman of the Chamber of Deputies' Health Commission) and Emanuel Ungureanu (deputy USR deputy chairman of the House of Health Committee) and gathered the signatures of over 90 MPs from all parties – PSD, Pro Romania, USR, PNL and ALDE. The project was carried out as a result of the "Victoria" petition, which has so far collected over 20,000 signatures.

How can medical cannabis be consumed

Patients with chronic terminal illnesses in Romania may have access to cannabis-based painkillers by prescription from a specialist. The draft law also provides for the establishment of the Cannabis Agency, which will deal with the opinion on cultivation as well as the control, verification and surveillance of cannabis operations for medical purposes.

Cannabis-based painkillers would be released through a prescription issued by a specialist, using a special form (as for morphine) – is the key provision of the project. Cannabis can be given for medicinal purposes in the form of oil, tincture, infusion or inhalation.

The project was born from a civic initiative

Deputy Cristina Dumitrache told Hotnews she hopes this project will be a victory for patients. "The project was born out of a civic initiative, starting with a petition that gathered 20,000 signatures. It's called "Victoria" and hope it will be a victory for the patients. Indeed, it has long been talked about legalizing cannabis, given studies that show the effects of cannabis on improving conditions – cancer, pain therapy, epilepsy, "the deputy said.

In his turn, Emanuel Ungureanu declared that our country is, however, extraordinary deficient in the therapy of pain and the existence of specialists in this therapy. "If we do not have specialists, it is clear that the solutions that come internationally from the systems that really put the patient in the center, we have no idea how to get in because we do not have people really worried about solving this major problem. What to do when a patient with chronic renal failure or cancer or other chronic terminal disease has no solutions? This medicinal cannabis, this evolution of science, is worth considering. There are patients in Romania who, although they do not recognize, already consume these substances they find in other markets, get them black and relieve their suffering. This law meets a need, the need to find ways to alleviate their pain, "he said.

"I hope that all people in our country understand that it is not a matter of mood or the liberalization of drug use, it is rather a necessity of correct information and the need for prescribing a treatment that has proven its medical results in many countries "Said Alexandra Ana Carstea, a young woman who, in memory of her cancer-infected mother, has initiated a petition for legalizing cannabis in the treatment of cancer patients and other terminal patients.

"We wanted this law to exist in Romania for sick people. I reiterate my request to all those who have supported me to continue to fight and to properly inform those around us because the benefits of cannabis are not sufficiently known. I will make some information tents in Bucharest about the use of cannabis for medical purposes, I will also need volunteers, and I hope other wonderful people will take my initiative in the rest of the country. This law will be one that will effectively help patients. Scriptically, cannabis can be legally used in Romania since 2013, but in fact it could not be prescribed, it was not lawful, it could not be legally obtained. It is for the first time in the draft submitted today when we talk about both THC and CBD. It is important to mention this because there has been talk about legalizing medicinal cannabis in recent months, but the discussion focused only on CDB, which is an extraordinary good thing, but we need to talk about THC as well. The law submitted today also addresses CBD and THC, "added Alexandra Ana Carstea.

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