Drink that prolongs your life. What quantity you need to drink daily

Coffee. This is an extremely beloved drink, which brings you many benefits and can even extend your life. For many people, it’s the first thing they think about in the morning. Moreover, lovers of this drink simply say that only after a cup, they feel that they can work at full capacity.

Whether you are drinking one coffee or more daily, enjoying a coffee is a ritual that many people describe not only pleasant but also necessary.

Although it is drunk by most adults on the planet, there is still some doubt about its beneficial properties.

For example, high caffeine content and the fact that it is an energizing drink can turn it into an addictive thing if it is consumed in excess.

Pregnant women should consume only a cup and only after they have received the approval of the supervising physician.

And that’s because it’s hard for the embryos to metabolize caffeine. But, overall, what are the concrete benefits of this drink?

Can coffee extend life?

Despite the controversy, coffee is associated with long life and good health. A new study in the UK has brought to light a factor that has not yet appeared in discussions so far: metabolism.

A study by the American Cancer Institute and Northwestern University has used data from the UK Biobank regarding the reported mortality over a 10-year period on 500,000 people.

Researchers analyzed the number of coffees consumed on average per day per subject and compared it to another group of people who did not drink coffee. They also researched how coffee could affect metabolism.

Researchers used what is called a risk ratio to illustrate the effect they noticed on the variability of coffee consumption on the health and life of the subjects. In this case, a ratio of 1 would mean that there was no observable impact on coffee consumption, while a ratio of 0.5 would indicate that those who consume die just like those who do not consume.

The drinkers of 1 to 8 cups a day had a score of 0.94-0.86. This indicates that coffee drinkers have a 6% to 14% lower death rate, and researchers claim it is a significant percentage.

Surprisingly, the most advantaged came those who drink more cups, a maximum of 8. Most sources recommend no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day, and 8 cups of coffee mean about double!

This is the subject of metabolism. People with higher caffeine tolerance (metabolize caffeine sooner) tended to drink a lot more coffee every day and therefore not only obtained more natural health benefits but had the lowest risk of death in any study group.

It is important not to overdo and follow some golden rules. Coffee should be of the highest quality, try not to use it with sugar and milk. The real, basic drink will really be an optimal choice of benefits.

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