Drug-medicine that cleanses blood with miraculous effects on the body

Drug-medicine that cleanses blood with miraculous effects on the body

Food medicine that does wonders for health! Miraculous effects on the body are recorded after a one-week cure!

Nettle is a food, but at the same time it is also a natural medicine with miraculous effects on the body. Like all nutrient-rich plants, it is ideal to be consumed cruelly, but a problem is the spikes that hurt. A specialist teaches us how to annihilate the pungent beetles.

Of course, it is also good to consume them in the soup, because we also assimilate the resulting zeama, a jelly that many doctors say has miraculous properties and purifies the blood.

Nectars are full of vitamins including A, C, K, B2, but also minerals, iron, magnesium, calcium, and silicon, and can be used both for therapeutic purposes and for preparing dishes. Our grandmothers are accustomed to saying that the nettles change blood, and after a winter where fatty foods predominate, a nettle nettle followed by spring, but not only, can do miracles. The infusion of nettles can be prepared from a spoonful of fresh leaves washed, chopped and mixed with a cup of boiling water, according to truthul.ro.

Leave it infused for a quarter of an hour, then drink. The indicated quantity is 2-3 cups per day for one month. Nettle juice can be prepared from leafy leaves and eaten as much as two tablespoons a day or, for those who do not like it, combined with vegetable juice or mint tea. As a rule, the mixture is drunk before a meal about a quarter of an hour.

Nettle juice strengthens immunity and combats anemia, which are, in fact, the oldest and most well-known plant benefits. At the same time, nettle lowers blood glucose as a natural antidote against diabetes. Phytotherapists recommend eating two tablespoons a day of fresh nettle juice for three months. Nettle infusion is also indicated in combating blood pressure and tachycardia. We recommend a one-month cake with three cups of nettle tea per day.

Thanks to Vitamin K, nettle juice and tea have the property to adjust the menstrual cycle and combat gingival and nasal bleeding. Oral inflammation can also be suppressed with nettle tea that can be washed three times a day. Nettle is also used externally, nettle tea is indicated to get rid of dandruff and revitalize capillary adornment. Tea is prepared from a cup of crushed nettles, boiled for one quarter hour with a liter of boiling water. The mixture is squeezed and, after cooling, rinses the hair after a pre-wash.

Doctor Gheorghe Bunciu from Drobeta Turnu Severin, specializing in biorezonance investigations, recommends one of the most popular treatments for anemia, bronchitis and asthma patients: one-week-old nettles.

According to her doctor, nettle consumption removes bacteria, speeds up metabolism and helps and weakens it.

"Nettle is a miracle for the human body, many consider it the poor man's food, because the plant is on all roads, but it is wrong, as the nettle is if you want a food that can rival any of the most luxurious restaurants in the West. Along with spinach, it contributes to rapid detoxification of the body, eliminating toxins accumulated throughout the cold season, "explains Dr. Bunciu.

He believes that the best solution for not diminishing the nutritional value of nettles is their use in the raw state, because they cook over 60% of their properties. "That's why the nettle must be consumed raw. A repeated diet can heal any sick, "says Dr. Bunciu.

The doctor also has a successful recipe, which he recommends to everyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits of this plant.

"Take the twigs and leaves collected, wash and spread on a plateau. Take a jerk and press several times over them to annihilate tiny spikes. Chop it like cabbage and put it in a bowl. There, too, we have a red apple with a shell, over which is added a banana cut into cubes. To make a flavor, put basil leaves over the composition. Serve with a fork or spoon and add no salt or vinegar, "says Dr. Bunciu.

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