Early indications of Alzheimer's disease

This virus contributes to Alzheimer's disease! Exciting discovery

Alzheimer's dementia is the disease that affects the human brain, producing structural changes in its level that subsequently cause memory loss and ultimately lead to the death of the patient. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia in the elderly and accounts for half of all dementia cases.

Eveline Ţibichi Osnaga explained the first signs announcing the installation of the disease.

The first clues

Well, it is easy to diagnose because in the subject's life there are many changes of behavior and attitude, which are very easy to notice by the others. Many changes take place at many levels such as:

Speech disorders. These are manifested by forgetting the usual words, which I get to replace with expressions such as: "this", "how he says it", "you understand", "my word does not come now".

Recent memory disorders. When subjects forget about recent events, recently stored information, and then all these episodes become generalized.

Lack of initiative. It is often manifested by continuous drowsiness, watching TV all day without watching something in particular and refusing to perform daily activities.

Disorders of the provision. It manifests itself through sudden changes of disposition, they can become morose or furious for no reason, they no longer find pleasure in the activities they enjoyed before.

Bizarre behavior. They tend to put things in strange places, they can dress in clothes that are not suitable for the outside weather. There are situations in which they become unmanageable, in most cases, personal hygiene is poor, whether it be wearing unwanted clothes or forgetting to wash.

In many cases, the subjects are disoriented, these people may wander in places they previously knew very well, they may even forget the address they live in. Difficulties are also encountered in carrying out daily tasks, such as preparing the meal, leaving the house for various purposes. Although they occur less rarely, visual or auditory hallucinations, or episodes of physical or verbal aggression may occur from the onset of the disease.


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