Edith Gonzales, a shameful letter to his daughter. Constanza will keep these lines in his heart

Edith Gonzales, a shameful letter to his daughter. Constanza will keep these lines in his heart

Actress Edith Gonzales left her daughter Constanza an emotional letter on her Instagram profile.

Although always with the smile on her lips and with overflowing optimism, Edith Gonzales has lost her fight with ovarian cancer, leaving behind fans and a family disturbed by pain.

But she had time to dedicate a moving letter to her daughter on Instagram. Constanza Creel, the daughter of actress Edith Gonzales, will certainly keep these lines deep in his heart.

The letter describes the love that the actress felt for her 14-year-old daughter: "One day you announced your arrival, you monopolized my body and turned it. I felt how you grown up, wonderful. I held you in my arms and I thought, without suspecting the depth of what it means to be a mother, that I could form you.

Slowly, you taught me that parents can only hope they can be guides for their children, in the vast sea of ​​life. No, honey, life is not heavy, but rather shameless of beauty. You are very determined, smart and generous. I'm so proud of you, so proud to see you become a beautiful, strong, cheerful and fair person.

Constanza, you are my daughter, my love, my sky, my heart, everything for me, and yet, no doubt, you are your own person. You are a beautiful child. I can only thank you for allowing me to be your mother and to understand the miracle of life. After all, we're dusty stars. I love you, baby, "was Edith Gonzalez's message to her daughter, according to newsbeezer.com. Constanza is the result of the love story between Edith Gonzalez and politician Santiago Creel and the only child of the actress, she and Lorenzo Lazo, her life partner, not having offspring.

Lorenzo Lazo, unfortunately, faces the second tragedy of his life, cancer killing his first wife.

Edith Gonzales, the Mexican actress, was 54 years old and was known to the Romanian audience, especially the so-called "Wild Heart", a great success in our country.

Photo source: Instagram

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