Endometriosis, myths and truths. Dr. Andreas Vythoulkas

Endometriosis, myths and truths. Dr. Andreas Vythoulkas

A condition commonly found in adult women, endometriosis is a pathology whose causes of onset are not yet fully understood. But it is known with certainty that it is one of the health problems associated with infertility.

We gathered the most common myths circulating on the condition of this condition and discussed them with Dr. Andreas Vythoulkas, obstetrician-gynecologist, with a specialization in infertility.

Unfortunately, endometriosis is one of those conditions that can lead to infertility and many women do not know that they suffer from this disease until they reach the doctor's office of infertility specialist. This happens when the pregnancy is delayed, after one year of repeated and unprotected sexual contact.

“The cavity of the uterus is lined by a lining called the endometrium. The condition consists of the development of endometrial cells, non-cancerous, outside the uterine cavity. Basically, these can be found on the ovaries, uterine tubes, intestines, on the surface of the mucosa in the pelvic cavity and, in rare cases, on the brain, lungs. The most common symptoms of endometriosis are abundant and sometimes irregular menstrual bleeding, pain during menstruation and during sexual intercourse, frequent and painful urination, infertility. The diagnosis is made by laparoscopy, a little invasive intervention by which the disease can be eliminated. It is important to know that endometriosis is an inherited condition and the rate of recovery of the disease is high, ”explained Dr. Andreas Vythoulkas.

Endometriosis is a cause of female infertility – TRUE

Depending on the degree of the condition and when it is diagnosed, endometriosis may delay the onset of pregnancy. In other words, if the condition has been correctly diagnosed and from an early stage of the disease, it can intervene on the endometrial cells by laparoscopic intervention, the pregnancy being able to appear immediately. In the case of advanced stage endometriosis, the endometrial cells have affected the ovaries or fallopian tubes by covering or blocking them with adhesions. This will make it impossible either to release the egg from the ovary to be fertilized, or to transport it to the fallopian tube.

Pains only during menstruation – FALSE

An important feature of endometriosis is the presence of pain during the menstrual period. But, the installed disease, the injuries and inflammation caused by it are felt, in the form of pain, every day. While some women diagnosed with endometriosis may experience pain during intercourse, others may experience pain during fecal removal or beyond the menstrual period.

Contraceptives improve endometriosis – TRUE

Endometriosis is not a healing condition, it can only relieve symptoms and pain. In the first phase of the disease, the treatment of the condition consists in the administration of oral and anti-inflammatory contraceptives but not for long.

Surgical treatment eliminates endometriosis – FALSE

After establishing the diagnosis, most doctors recommend drug treatment. However, when the endometrial tissues affect other organs or the hormonal treatment has not yielded the expected results, the endometrial tissues will be removed by laparoscopy. After this intervention the chances of pregnancy appear naturally increased, and the pain and other symptoms of the condition are reduced. Surgical treatment is used when endometriosis has reached an advanced stage. It is also recommended when the symptoms of the disease severely affect the quality of life of the woman or when the medicines have had no effect.

Certain foods aggravate the disease – TRUE

Estrogen-rich foods contribute to the development of endometriosis. Thus, if the diagnosis has been confirmed, it is recommended that in the diet of a woman with endometriosis rarely be found foods such as beet, soy, carrots, red meat (tuna, beef), sugar, yeast. Vegetables and fruits less thermally prepared, olive oil, citrus fruits, white meat and fish are preferred.

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