Exercise that totally transforms your body. You need 5 minutes every day

Exercise that totally transforms your body. You need 5 minutes every day

The miraculous exercise that can make your body whole. It only takes 5 minutes a day and focus. The abdomen is the first to trade the extra pounds and becomes an increasingly serious problem for most people, especially now that we begin to wear thinning clothes.

Currently, one of the most effective exercises practiced especially in yoga classes is the PLANŞA plank, which has the extraordinary property of working all muscle groups in the midline of the body (composed of the abdomen and the lumbar region ) as well as certain muscles of the arms and legs.

However, it is not exactly the most popular exercise, especially among beginner fitness practitioners, with a high degree of difficulty. Although it is simple to execute, keeping the board position for more than a few seconds can be a real challenge. Yoga practitioners often use this exercise because it is a very important element, and the results speak for themselves: it strengthens and strengthens each part of the body (feet, back, arms, shoulders, abdomen, hips and buttocks).

6 benefits of plank

According to yoga teacher Dana Ţupa, more and more people have begun to practice the plank because it is the exercise that offers maximum efficiency in a relatively short time.

"Time is crucial to building a healthy body and mind, and unfortunately people want fast results without too much effort. However, even if it seems a relatively easy exercise, the plank in its final form is not an exercise recommended for beginners because it requires much more muscle in the abdomen, arms, legs, back, etc. than we can imagine. Once they have gained little mobility and strength, yoga students no longer feel those pains or muscle spasms, but they can focus on breathing and the more profound objective of yoga practice: relaxation and introspection, "explains yoga teacher Dana Ţupa, founder of PURNA Yoga Academy – the first yoga school in Romania accredited by Yoga Alliance International in the United States.

Improves posture. "If we spend a lot of time in the chair – at the office, at home, at the restaurant, etc. – there is an increased risk of back pain. The good news is that the plank has a beneficial effect on our posture, because the muscles in the middle region, especially the abdominal muscles, work efficiently and we will notice an improvement or correction of the posture. This is because the muscles of the Median region have the function of stabilizing the column, "explains the yoga expert.

You do not need time and a specific place. "First of all, if we want to make planks, we do not need a studio or a free room. We can practice anywhere, anytime, and it costs us nothing. We just have to put on a yoga mat and try to keep our position for at least 60 seconds, "says Dana Ţupa.

Planks, more efficient than abdomen. "Unlike abdomen, the boards are much lighter. If properly made, each part of our body is held tight and strained, trained all the muscles in the abdominal region as no other exercise: the abdominal transverse muscle involved in lifting weights; the rectus abdominis muscle that confers the appearance of six packs of the abdomen; the external oblique muscle involved in twisting and waist movement, "says yoga teacher Dana Ţupa.

Stimulates metabolism. When we run planks every day, we will burn more calories than any other exercise. Moreover, we will burn more calories even when we do not do any physical activity. Only one minute of planking a day will increase our metabolic rate, and will keep it high throughout the day.

Increases flexibility. "Plank will help us increase flexibility, especially the muscles in the back. This form of exercise involves an important component in increasing flexibility: stretching. In plank position we will extend all the posterior muscles, shoulders, shoulders and clavicle, "explains yoga teacher Dana Ţupa.

Possible treatment for osteoporosis. An increasing number of people have osteoporosis or a small bone mass, being at risk of osteoporosis and broken bones. Unfortunately, we can not always know when the disease occurs, but planks can help build stronger bones and more consistent muscles.

How does the board work properly?

Execution of a board is very simple, we will not need special equipment and we can do it right at home: from the flotation position, lower the weight of the body on the forearms, bend our elbows or hold the right arms. We must keep the whole body in a straight line, without lowering the basin, and the look must be directed to the floor. Exercise consists in keeping this position for 10 seconds if we are at the first execution or if we are not in the best shape. Over time, we can practice maintaining the position for 30, 45, 60 seconds, or even more.

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