Extremely common gastrointestinal infections in summer

Extremely common gastrointestinal infections in summer

Gastrointestinal infections occur in both children and adults. Especially in summer, these are commonly encountered. Some infections are dangerous enough to still go to the guard room with your child.

Especially in children, this is a real danger because they can quickly lead to dehydration. That's why, experts say, it is good to always have rehydration salts in the house. Of course, these do not escape your visit to the pediatrician for investigations and diagnosis.

Diarrhea stool, the first symptom of these infections

The main symptom is the appearance of diarrhea stools that can be given either by viruses, bacteria or parasites. Often, the little one also has vomiting, nausea and will not eat anything.

Doctors say that dirty hands, unwashed fruits and vegetables, contaminated water, direct contact with faeces favors these infections.

An important cause of diarrhea is viral infection. Many viruses can cause viral gastritis, which spreads quickly in kindergartens, at playgrounds, in parks, because of the ease of spread of the virus.

Symptoms last for several days, but affected children can easily show signs of dehydration through insufficient oral fluid intake and high fluid loss.

The main cause: rotavirus

The most common infection in children is that caused by rotavirus. The infection manifests itself through fever, explosive, watery diarrhea stools. Rotavirus infection occurs in winter, spring but especially in summer. Fortunately, however, it can be prevented by vaccinating the child.

Careful! If your child has such an infection, you should go to the specialist infection doctor to determine the diagnosis and treatment. It is a very serious infection especially in the case of small children, it leads to dehydration and can sometimes even threaten the baby's life. Sometimes, the treatment is done in the hospital, the child needs infusions for rehydration but sometimes also an antibiotic.

Bacteria also cause gastrointestinal infections

Another type of gastrointestinal infections that occur in children are those caused by bacteria. The main bacterium is Escherichia Coli. It is easily transmitted through: contaminated food and water, insufficiently heat-treated meat preparations, unpeeled fruit, contaminated water from swimming pools.

Another bacterium that can be found in gastrointestinal infections of children is Salmonella. It can be found in eggs, the chicken meat insufficiently heat treated, being a major cause of food poisoning, especially in summer.

Shigella is another bacterium that causes diarrhea in young children. The most common cause of Shigella infection is poor hygiene.

There are also gastrointestinal infections that are caused by parasites, such as the one with Giardia. It can be found in: drinking water, pool water, lakes that can be infected.

Diet is essential

The child will eat soup without boiled rice, cow cheese, boiled carrots and biscuits without cream or milk.

Essential are the rehydration salts, these have the role of reducing the need for the little one to stay in the hospital, for infusions.

Antibiotic treatment is indicated by the doctor only after the analysis has been performed and it has been shown that the infection is caused by a bacterium.

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