First guide to recommendations, with clear intervals and limitations suitable for children

First guide to recommendations, with clear intervals and limitations suitable for children

The World Health Organization issued the first guide of recommendations, with clear intervals and limitations suitable for children, for the "consumption" of technology, play, rest and physical activity.

Recent studies show that in Romania, children spend on average three hours a day on TV or by tapping the phone and only 40 minutes playing outside.

There may be two kinds of our children: indolent, dirty, noisy, or excessively humorous and silent, immobile and captive in front of a screen.

Alarmed by the high number of hours when children just starting from small ages sit in front of a TV, computer, tablet or phone, in front of a generation that wears glasses from the preparatory class, the World Health Organization warns parents!

Under two years, children should not be allowed to sit for more than an hour in a trolley, swing or chair. Do not reassure the child by getting it with the exciting action on a screen. Yes, it is more convenient, but the repercussions on children are serious and arc in time, creating these addictions that they will hardly escape. Or never!

There are cases when children raised with a screen in front refuse food without looking at the tablet or TV. Physicians do not recommend other activities at the table even to adults. So it's time for parents to become accountable.

We do not take the tablet into account of what goes into our duty of parents. We talk with the child, we keep it busy with age-specific activities to ensure a healthy childhood and, implicitly, a harmonious development.

And sleep is disturbed by activity in front of screens. The screen light overwhelms the sensors that show the child that it's time to rest. For those aged between 2 and 5 years, the World Health Organization wants to limit the exposure to one hour a day!

According to the WHO, playing dynamics should occupy at least 3 hours a day. Ideally, the whole family will take part in the game.

And it is also ideal to remember playing today's adults, those adults who have not grown by phone. It does not matter so much cold, rain or frost. Not even the clothes that were dirty at a time when there were not so many dress choices, or so many cleaning products we find today.

And then? Why do afraid of today's adults who have once played out that their children get dirty or hurt? It is good to remember that the damage is much greater if we organize our childhood on TV. Damage at the level of health, mental and self-confidence.

So it is good for all parents to limit children's access to screens. Children under the age of two should not stand in front of their phone or tablet screens, and under five years exposure to video content should be limited to one hour a day.

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