First Stroke Excellence Center in Romania in Târgu Mureş

First Stroke Excellence Center in Romania in Târgu Mureş

First Stroke Excellence Center in Romania was inaugurated in the County Emergency Clinical Hospital Targu Mures in partnership with the world leader in medical technology and will serve approximately 3 million inhabitants from 8 counties.

"For about 3 million people, residents of eight counties, the existence of this center will give you the opportunity to benefit directly from high-performance, top-of-the-line therapy, and will also provide access to a medical team prepared to manage emergency situations in acute stroke (stroke), "he explains Dr. Lucian MĂRGINEAN, primary physician, coordinator of the Interventional Radiology Department of Tg. Mures County Emergency Clinical Hospital.

Center of Excellence in Stroke in Targu Mures is the first in Romania that doctors will use Rapid software, a standardized and fully automated platform with which diagnosis and eligibility criteria for inclusion in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke are established within 2 minutes.

"This software processes the images unambiguously in 30 seconds, up to 2 minutes, giving us a real state of mind state. Practically, it shows that area of ​​the brain that is not yet destroyed, it is just numb and which, through the therapy we initiate, we can save it. In this regard, the patient can benefit, in real terms, from well-established criteria, from the chance of a revascularization. At the same time, the rapidity and lack of ambiguity in the management and analysis of these images makes a fair and effective approach to stroke patients, "explains Dr. Lucian MARGINEAN and exemplifies in the video from the following link:

"We will not only be able to save lives, we will give society through such a center people who are willing to return to the workplace, instead of becoming addicted people depending on their families and social assistance", declares Dr Raed Arafat, Secretary of State MAI, SMURD Coordinator.

County Emergency Clinical Hospital Targu Mures will be unique in Romania from the point of view of the treatment of stroke patients as well as of the multidisciplinary team that will take over such cases: "Romania's alignment to international standards by creating this Stroke Center of Excellence means a team multidisciplinary with over-specialized medical staff who can act urgently, in a timely manner, giving good health to the patient with acute stroke. It also means an infrastructure with a material endowment with state-of-the-art performance equipment and, last but not least, a unique register in which patients are included in order to quantify the benefit of our work and the need to fund them, stresses Dr. Lucian MARGINEAN.

"The establishment of the first Centers of Excellence in Stroke at the Emergency County Clinical Hospital Tîrgu Mureş is a great honor because it puts our hospital on the map of European medicine, even of world medicine," declares Dr. Claudiu PUIAC, Manager of Emergency County Clinical Hospital Targu Mures.

Center of Excellence in Stroke in Târgu Mureş will host one of the most important medical events in South-Eastern Europe in June, in the form of a large-scale scientific event for interventional neuroradiologists, neurologists, anesthetists and urgents, with the teacher Jacques Moret, the parent of interventional neuroradiology, and the teacher Laurent Spelle, to share their experience and case law.

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