Five foods that make your heart sick. How often do you consume them?

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A report by the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association sounds an alarm about too much of a common substance found in ordinary foods, which is widely consumed.

Following the research, the experts concluded that we consumed approximately 3,400 milligrams of sodium daily, despite the recommended daily intake of 1,500 milligrams.

National Healthy Eating Day has made a list of six foods that are high in sodium and should be consumed with great care.

1. Bread is the first food with a high salt content. A slice of bread contains about 15% of the daily recommended amount of salt. It is enough to eat a few slices of bread to pass immediately the recommended threshold.

2. Sausages are also part of the list of foods that should be consumed with care. Parisian, prawns, salami are the most unhealthy because of the large amount of salt, but also of other ingredients.

A report by the National Authority for Consumer Protection, based on data from 2010, shows that especially Parisian, crab and summer sausages have a protein content of 2% lower than the legal provisions, according to which the sausages must contain meat in proportion of at least 10-11%.

However, it is full of mechanically boned meat, ie a paste obtained from tendons, bones, skins, in which the proteins are almost non-existent. This is dangerous for children or young people because of the high amount of phosphorus that prevents the assimilation of calcium.

"If in the EU, the producers are not allowed to put more than 3% of this paste in sausages, in the Romanian products the quantity of MDM exceeds 10%", draws attention the food expert Gheorghe Mencinicopschi.

Mice, known as collagenic protein, are the basic ingredient of sausages. Although a limit of 20-30% is stipulated in the law, depending on the type of product, ANPC inspectors found products in which the quantity of pig skin was 80%.

The finding is all the more alarming as the Romanians consume 9-10 kg of sausages annually, mostly cheap products.

3. Pizza is one of the favorite dishes of people from all over the globe. Two slices of pizza cover the maximum amount of salt that can be consumed daily.

4. Chicken meat is one of the healthiest foods. The large amount of salt helps to keep products of this kind efficient.

5. Sandwiches are real salt bombs. In addition to the large amount of sodium found in bread, the foods that come to complete a perfect boil make it an extremely harmful combination for health.

It is good to know that excessive salt intake contributes to altered health and can cause serious heart disease.


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