Five love positions that take women out of their minds

Five love positions that take women out of their minds

A fulfilled sex life in the couple is one of the pillars of a happy relationship. But for this to be possible, beyond the pleasure of men, much easier to be sexually satisfied, the pleasure of the woman is essential, because her well-being manages to put in all the other aspects of life in a good light.
Unlike men, women are indeed more difficult to satisfy between sheets. The reason? It needs more attention, more dedication and, overall, more "work" to be truly satisfied. But beyond the sexual preferences specific to each woman, they all react well to certain positions through the nature and anatomy of their bodies.

So there are five sexual positions that enchant all women and through which the representatives of the beautiful sex even reach the peaks of pleasure.


Perhaps the oldest sexual position in the world, the "missionary" does not cease to be the most practiced and efficient sexual positions of all. Even though some men consider it boring, routine, the missionary position is adored by women because it offers, first of all, that intimate, visual closeness, after which longs for the romantic and sentimental nature of the woman. A man who wants a happy woman will not hesitate to turn to the "missionary" to meet his partner. Moreover, to increase her pleasure, she can put a pillow under her ass to ease penetration and increase her chances of achieving orgasm.

Although it seems outdated and is about the first position with which most men start their sex lives, the missionary position remains top for women. For men it is trivial, boring and does not cause orgasm very often, but women prefer it because they can make eye contact with their partner during sexual intercourse. In order to improve the missionary's position, your partner should put a pillow behind his back to ease his penetration and cause his orgasm.

With his feet on his shoulders

This is another favorite way for women to achieve orgasm. Lying on her back, the woman places her feet on her partner's shoulders and lets herself penetrate as he lifts her pelvis with movements from top to bottom and vice versa, thus easing penetration. The "shoulder-shoulders" position is preferred by women who know each other better physically because it allows them to stimulate the clitoris during sex. And men are fans of the position because they have a very good view of their girlfriends who flirt with pleasure while they are penetrated and while masturbating.

Pelvic joint

The partners stand face-to-face, in both sections, with their legs spread so that the woman is penetrated while looking at her lover in the eyes. It is precisely this intimate eye contact that makes the woman's pleasure reach surprising levels in this position. But be careful! The position allows a good penetration of men who have medium and large penises.

Missionary on the side

While the man is in almost the same position as the "missionary" would do, the woman is lying on one side, with one leg tucked under the man, between his legs, and with the other leg over one of his hips. This position is a variation of the classic missionary position, but it has a double advantage. The clitoris can be stimulated by both a woman and a man, and he also has an exceptional, erotic, view of his partner. As we well know that in men the visual counts enormously, it is a position after which they also go into the wind, not just women.

The cradle hugged

It is perhaps the most comfortable position of all: the man is sitting at the bottom of the bed, with his feet on the floor, as if he were sitting on the chair, while the woman was riding him, sitting practically in his lap and covering his back with her arms. It is a very intimate and very erotic position, which benefits both partners.

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