Five miraculous foods recommended by phytotherapeut Valeriu Popa

Five miraculous foods recommended by phytotherapeut Valeriu Popa

Phytotherapy expert Valeriu Popa (1924-1997) reveals what foods make wonders for the body, contributing to maintaining health and slowing down the aging process.

1. Wheat germs

Wheat germs are very rich in precious and vitalizing substances: easily assimilated phosphate products, iron and magnesium salts in very high doses, complete protein containing all the essential amino acids necessary for life, trace elements such as copper, zinc, magnesium, A, B1, C, E, PP and significant amounts of vitamin C.

It is a balanced food, which should be consumed daily. It has increased therapeutic effects in rheumatism, gout, cancer, advanced arthritis, depressive states, digestive problems with digestive regulation, is nervous tonic, stimulates nutrition.

The preparation is the following: place the wheat grains in a dish after they have been washed, covered with water for 24 hours. Then, drain the water completely and sprinkle at 6-8 hours, taking care not to leave the water above the grains to avoid molding or rotting. When wheat germinates and has germs of 1-2 mm, it can be consumed.

The mode of administration is as follows:

– Adults: 3 tablespoons / day, one before each meal.

– Children and the elderly: 3 teaspoons / day, one before each meal.

The germinated wheat is chewed for a long time, until the sweet taste produced by the partial starching of the starch.

For people with poor teeth, germinated wheat is cracked in a wooden nut and then chew for a long time.

For infants, infants and young children, make a puree with a little honey.

2. Beer yeast

Beer yeast is a miracle food because of the balanced combination of rare, easily assimilable minerals.

It contains: 50% proteins that are easily digestible, all essential amino acids essential to life (lisyna, histidine, leucine, phenylamine, cystine, etc.), gluten and very high peptides that act in oxidation reduction reactions detoxification and resistance to infections, lecithins, 14 essential minerals, trace elements, 17 vitamins, ergosterol, etc.

100 gr. of beer yeast provides:

– protein – 250 gr. meat and glycogen cat 65 gr. bread;

– 10 times more vitamin B1 than bread;

– twice as much vitamin B2 as the liver;

– 15-20 times more PP than meat;

– 10 times more vitamin B6 than meat;

– 5-10 times more pantothenic acid than cereals;

– 20 times more folic acid than wheat bran.

The mode of administration is as follows:

– adults and elderly: 1-2 tablespoons of yeast mixed in soup or vegetables, 3 times / day.

– Children: One teaspoon of yeast mixed in soup or vegetables, 3 times / day.

It is highly recommended in anemias. It is excellent for athletes, which increases fatigue resistance, relieving the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste.

With its high protein content and the nature of the amino acids it contains, it plays a protective role for the liver.

It is indicated in B or complex avitaminosis, neurological or neuromuscular disorders, alcoholism, liver steatosis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, kidney disease, intestinal disorders.

It has inhibitory action on pathogenic germs such as: staphylococcus, streptococcus, colibacil.

Quickly fixes the imbalance of the intestinal flora, especially after antibiotics.

3. Parsley

The modest parsley is particularly rich in precious elements. Contains one gram of grams:

– vitamin C 150 – 200 mg (the lemon contains 100 mg.)

– provitamin A 60 mg. (dill contains 7-14 mg.)

– calcium 240 mg.

– iron 19-20 mg.

It is an excellent antiseptic of the blood and intestines and prevents cancer (it has natural cytostatic action). Fluidizes blood and cleans blood vessels.

It is recommended for all diseases of the heart and circulation, rickets, tuberculosis, liver and urinary disorders, eye diseases.

Late aging.

It can be consumed as juice or mixed in other foods. It does not have quantitative contraindications.

4. Yogurt

Yoghurt is easily assimilable and is a digestive adjuvant due to many continuous ferments.

Yoghurt lactic acid ensures a healthy intestinal flora, preventing intestinal putrefaction. It contains many calcium salts and vitamins B in high amounts.

A glass of yoghurt is a sufficient zinc dose and should not be prolonged for more than 15 days a month.

5. Shuffled

It is a mineral food that contains: proteins, sugars, fats, minerals, trace elements, all vitamins, hormones, pigments, etc.

It is revitalizing, removing fatigue and overwork in a few days.

It is recommended for all diseases, except for dibet.

It detoxifies the body and prevents premature aging.

It is a good adjuvant in cancer therapy.

The normal daily dose is 1/2 to 1 teaspoonful. Drink diluted in water, warm tea.

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