Five serious conditions that have the fatigue symptoms

Did you have too much work today? And yesterday was the same? You slept only six hours a night, and the little one is sick.

Are you stressed and you have no time at all? In these cases, it is absolutely natural to feel tired, to need rest to return. However, sometimes behind the fatigue, you hide serious illness you do not even think about.

Therefore, any feeling of tiredness that you can not improve through effective sleep, with a balanced diet and stress reduction and lasting more than two weeks should be carefully investigated.

Here’s what causes fatigue:

A lot of affections are a symptom of fatigue, but the worst are iron anemia, depression, neoplasia, certain infections, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism. Also, the vast majority of chronic diseases have consistently felt fatigued. At the same time, other causes of fatigue include sleep apnea syndrome, liver disease, chronic kidney disease, congestive heart failure, excessive alcohol consumption, and adverse drug reactions.

Iron deficiency anemia is caused by insufficient iron in the human body. It is a type of anemia commonly found among women, and one of the causes is the unbalanced diet, poor in iron, but also poor bowel absorption. However, both ulcer or polyps, cancer, and hemorrhoids can lead to this type of anemia. And pregnant women often have ferrets anemia, typically requiring iron supplements. In the case of ferrets, anemia symptoms are: permanent fatigue, muscle weakness, and irritability, women are pale, hair and nails become fragile. Dizziness and headache may also occur. To exclude the possibility of this medical problem, it is advisable to do blood tests and then your doctor will tell you how to correct it.

Depression. Sometimes, fatigue is the only symptom of depression and most visible to the patient. Among the symptoms of depression, we find sadness, anxiety, insomnia, lack of joy, physical and mental discomfort, loss of interest for things you enjoyed before, loss of appetite, decreased libido, diminished ability to concentrate. Go to a psychologist and find out if fatigue in your case is caused by depression.

Neoplasia. Most types of cancer have as a symptom a lower or higher degree of fatigue. So go to the doctor and find out the cause of your fatigue. All the more so as you notice symptoms such as loss of appetite, a sudden drop in weight, that is, other specific symptoms in most cancers.

Infections. Both viral and bacterial or fungal infections cause fatigue. For example, fatigue is present in both common cold and viral hepatitis. Physicians draw attention to the fact that hepatitis B and C virus infection can evolve for years and the patient does not know the disease, and the only symptom can be constant fatigue.

Hypothyroidism. The onset of the disease begins with depression than with the onset of fatigue, weight gain, cold intolerance, hoarseness.

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