Five unpredictable causes of impotence. Beware of medicines and back pain

What happens to men if they lower their testosterone level, the main fuel of amorous performance

Erectile dysfunction or impotence can destroy the self-esteem of any man, but in order to solve this problem, the causes must first be found.

Sexual performance may be affected by psychological factors, but University of Maryland researchers say that most often it is a physical cause. In 85%, they show, blood circulation is deficient, and the sexual glands are not properly fed with blood.

Interestingly, diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and heart attack are related to erectile dysfunction, which has led experts to believe that low testosterone could also be the cause. However, further studies have shown that only 5% of cases of impotence are based on hormonal disturbances.


Accidents, especially in the pelvic area, can destroy the nerves in that area, leading to impotence. In addition, sexual performance suffers from surgery such as colon or rectum.

2. Medicines

And drugs disrupt the sexual functions of a man. The US National Health Institute has made a list of pills, and top antidepressants, medicines to treat Parkinson's disease or hypertension.

3. Lack of sleep

"We are convinced that both quality and duration of sleep can influence health by causing erectile dysfunction and other urinary tract disorders," say researchers at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

4. Eczema

A study of about 4,000 patients diagnosed with eczema and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that over 60% of subjects suffered from impotence.

Eczema, characterized by skin flaking, redness and the appearance of pus, says scientists, affects various areas of the body, including the blood vessels around the penis, causing their inflammation.

Professor Shiu-Dong Chung, who led the study, together with colleagues from Taipei University of Medicine (Taiwan), also took into account chronic diseases such as the hearts of the patients observed, but eczema was different from other conditions , the skin around the penis, extremely thin, being extremely vulnerable to this disease. Moreover, the main affected were the uncircumcised men, who did not respect the intimate hygiene, but also the diabetics.

Although scientists admit that they can not fully confirm the link between eczema and impotence, they recommend avoiding the disease by consuming fish oil supplements designed to increase good cholesterol, HDL, and rebalance blood pressure.

"About one in four men aged 40 to 70 years are experiencing erectile dysfunction due to untreated conditions, including spinal problems," said Dr. Ion Manea, a specialist in the field.

5. Back pain

According to Ion Manea, the problems of erectile dysfunction are "embarrassing" for many men, but after the doctor puts the diagnosis they behave "normal".

"First they are shocked, then frustrated and avoids discussing the matter, even if it seriously affects their couple's life. This is the way most of the men are going to experience erectile dysfunction after their first childhood. But, after being told that many other illnesses that these people suffer, they often become co-workers, "Manea said.

The doctor explained that the back pain many people ignore may have a gynecological, urological or digestive response.

"At the first signs of impotence an orthopedic control is also indicated, because the joints of the pelvis can be blamed. It is the nerve roots of the lumbosacrate region that innervate the organs of the small basin. It can be untreated pain or a post-surgical complication after a herniated disc. The problem is solved, the problem disappears, "the doctor said.

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