Food full of vitamins that prevents blood clots and constipation

Food full of vitamins that prevents blood clots and constipation

Food full of vitamins that prevents blood clots and constipation

Food recommended by doctors and chefs. The capers are highly recognized in the Mediterranean cuisine, where only the buds are consumed. But also in the Asian one. Even if you only consume pickles, capers are great for a lot of ailments.

Capers have been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years. For example, the Greeks, in ancient times, ate them if they had bone problems, more specifically rheumatism. Today, they are as well known and loved for both good taste and therapeutic properties.

Capers are very good for maintaining health. Therefore, try to introduce this spice-food into your diet. The chapels are harvested at the end of spring, early summer.

They have a lot of vitamins – complex B, vitamins A, C, K, also have fibers and minerals – manganese, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium, copper. They have a lot of flavonids and they are fighting against free radicals.

Here is why it is advisable to consume them:

  • There are studies that show that they contribute to improving blood circulation.
  • Stimulates metabolism and helps reduce the risk of blood clots. The explanation being that they have a considerable amount of vitamin C but also vitamin K.
  • They also have B vitamins in their composition which means that they help maintain the health of the digestive tract and nervous system.
  • Last but not least, they help to balance the blood sugar level. There are some voices who would argue that it could even prevent type 2 diabetes, but further studies are needed to say this with certainty.
  • They prevent constipation and relieve stomach pain.
  • Improving vision.
  • Prevent the development of certain types of cancer.
  • If you make poultice from the capers you will help your hair to stop falling. The hair will not break so often. Many cosmetic products for the beauty of the hair, have in the composition capers. At the same time, they treat skin irritations, redness, blackheads and, in addition, moisturize the skin.

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