Food mistakes that can lead to mercury poisoning

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Mercury poisoning. Mercury is part of the heavy metals category. In the organic version, mercury is not dangerous to human health, but when it is transformed by bacterial cultures into methylmercury, it becomes a serious danger.

If you also consume these foods, find out that you can expose yourself to mercury, even if, in the first instance, you might think that this intoxication is not a risk to you.

What are the foods that can raise you a question mark? Well, I'm on the list of many people who choose to eat healthily.

If you are a fish and seafood fan, learn that methylmercury can be a cause for concern.

Serious cases of mercury poisoning are quite rare, but studies have shown, for example, that 5-10% of Americans have a high level of mercury in the body because of long exposure to methylmercury in fish.

How can you reduce the risk of mercury poisoning? Do not eat fish and seafood more often 3 times a week!

The most dangerous fish, which can contain the largest amount of mercury, is sword, macro, tuna or shark.

Mercury intoxication is only detected by blood and urine tests.

The most sensitive people on mercury fish consumption are pregnant women, women who want to remain pregnant, nursing women and children. in their case, the consumption of fish with high mercury content should be avoided.

The fish types that pose the lowest risks of mercury poisoning are salmon and cod.

Also, aquaculture trout, in protected environment.

The worrying symptoms of mercury poisoning are:

  • The occurrence of respiratory problems (accumulation of mercury in the lung)
  • Tremor, coordination problems, lack of balance, muscle weakness
  • Neurological problems – exposure to elemental mercury by inhalation of mercury vapors can affect the brain and the nervous system, causing neurological problems such as headaches, dizziness, cognitive decline or even loss of vision.

For these symptoms, you should have a doctor and have a set of analyzes.

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