Food that leads to cardiovascular disease and premature death

Food that leads to cardiovascular disease and premature death

Ultra-processed food is made up of a variety of products. From food to snacks, this type of food rages in the body and comes packed with notable risks of cardiovascular disease and premature death.

Although it is the most convenient way to feed yourself, be careful! He can kill you too!

Two different studies have been published this week as a strong alarm signal, writes CNN news site.

The study authors remind that hitherto, with regard to ultra-processed food, the risks of obesity, galloping high blood pressure, cholesterol and the occurrence of cancer have been reported.

Maria Bes-Rastrollo, one of the study's coordinators, says that in Spain, the consumption of ultra-processed foods tripled between 1990 and 2010.

Researchers gathered data from 20,000 participants in the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) project, where graduate volunteers aged 20 to 91 were surveyed every two years.

Our non-processed or processed food is made up of fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs, meat, fish, seafood, yogurt, cereals, rice.

Salt, sugar, honey, olive oil, butter, whey are classified as processed ingredients, while the processed foods are: cheese, bread, beer, wine, ham and sausage.

The ultra-processed products are: tarts, salami, sausages, mayonnaise, chips, pizza, chocolate, chocolate and candy, beverages with artificial sweeteners, whiskey, gin and rum.

Such products are rich in "bad" fat, with a lot of sugar and salt, with few vitamins and few fibers.

Although they are cheap, they can cost you life! Packaging makes them extremely appealing and appetizing, basically the customer is bombarded with visual messages, which makes it harder for them to resist.

Researchers in both studies warn that if we do not learn to learn about the convenience of poor foods, we will become a sure target for heart disease, stroke, premature death. Slowly, these products should be avoided and replaced with natural, fruit and vegetables, home-made sweets and water (only water) abundantly.

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